Licorice with MAV?

I decided to eat organic Licorice to help my gut issues. I’ve tried everything else - tons of fresh fruit, veggies, water, herbs and still have some serious IBS issues, in addition to MAV. I noticed that it really got everything working in the gut area, but at the same time I felt really “sickish” every day - tired, off balanced, rocky, motion sensitivity. This also happened after reutrning to NJ from a flight South. Flight was bumpy and I was pretty nauseous and out of it for a couple days after I got home. Is it possible the symptoms are from the flight, or has anyone noticed side effects from Licorice? It’s organic and contains no preservatives or additives.

Don’t know specifically, but I have heard that licorice has some sort of medicinal properities. Could be it messed with your MAV brain…

On a side note, did you know your IBS is likely related to your MAV? I had chronic IBS “issues” (daily probs) for 5 months when the MAV kicked off the 1st time. When it resolved itself for several months, so did the IBS. When the MAV showed up again, so did the chronic IBS. After 8 more months of MAV I tried Verapamil (my 1st MAV drug trial) and that fixed the IBS! (Not the dizzies, unfortunately, but a few other things…) All that to say, hopefully, if you find a med that works for your MAV, maybe it’ll fix your IBS, too! I’m pretty sure one of the “top docs” addresses it in the interview section that Scott’s got posted somewhere here… Can’t remember exactly where the interviews are, but if you’re curious, you could poke around till you find it. :wink:

i enjoy licorice, whether it’s flavored with licorice, fennel, or anise. Don’t know about the organic version. I can feel queasy if I eat too much of any candy. Probably, as an aging guy, I should temper my licorice intake, because it generally includes molasses. Hey, is the same true of menopausal women? I mean moderating iron intake because we don’t lose all that much iron.

Don’t know about the iron issue, David. I only eat one piece a day, so I’m fairly certain licorice isn’t contributing to the rocky/bobbly feeling I’ve had since flying last week. :roll:

I thought licorice was a trigger for some people? I avoid it.
Have you tried drinking peppermint tea for your IBS, i find that helps a lot and also reducing your wheat intake. Try to eat more corn and rice and potatoes instead. Hope that helps. :smiley:

Hi, if I ate corn and rice I would NEVER go to the bathroom! They immediately block up my system. :x

I believe it can raise blood pressure.


Wow, just one piece a day!

You’re a better (man?) than I, Gunga Din.

I think you have to eat quite a bit to raise the b/p. Mine is very low. I’ve noticed my tinnitus has been off the charts too, wonder if there’s a connection?

I just read that licorice helps the inner ear and can relieve tinnitus. go figure. :smiley:

Dunno David, but the article above says low doses can. The bit below makes it sound like this stuff is lethal, I will never look at a sherbert fountain in the same light :shock:

The Bottom Line
• Licorice raises blood pressure, causing you to retain sodium and lose potassium, by inactivating an enzyme that normally keeps cortisol from acting on your kidneys. In extreme cases these side effects can be dangerous and have even been fatal.
• Licorice may help those with ulcers or stomach upset, but should not be taken for extended periods of time. Licorice protects your gut by inactivating an enzyme that normally inactivates mucous-producing and acid-decreasing prostaglandins in your gut.
• Deglycyrrhizinized licorice is safer than licorice, although it may be less effective in healing ulcers.
• Don’t use licorice if you are pregnant. It may cause premature delivery.
• Several medical conditions are aggravated by taking licorice, such as hypertension, heart problems, and kidney disease, and estrogen-sensitive diseases, such as certain cancers, endometriosis and uterine fibroids, hyperaldosteronism and pseudohyperaldosteronism, low potassium, and male sexual dysfunction.


I am a black licorice fanatic. I special order the stuff in bulk from Licorice International, an internet store that has licorice from around the world. I especially love the pure Italian licorice, the Australian Kookaburra, and the Danish salt licorice. … c/home.asp

I always have licorice in my office and lots of people drop by to eat it. I found that it helps my stomach. It is a big ingredient in Chinese medicine, so my wife hates it because it is typically given to pregnant women to overcome nausea.

However, an article came out a few weeks ago saying that licorice can cause heart problems, so I have slowed down my intake substantially.