Lidocaine spray for dizziness relief [video]

Interesting how the lidocaine which is anesthetic helps in numbing the trigeminal nerve gives instant relief. I will ask my Neuro-Oto next time I meet her. This also goes to confirm how the trigeminal nerve complex is affected by migraine and affects the ear and causes dizziness. The below patient aced all the inner ears tests.


This is amazing if it would work,

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Veena, This is kind of the same principle as your nerve block but less intrusive than an injection and through the nasal passage.

The nerve block hasn’t stopped the dizziness. Does that mean that this treatment would not work for me either?

Veena, Can’t speculate as this is educational for me as well.

@GetBetter, my mother uses this lidocaine spray. She gets it from a compounding pharmacy. She has similar symptoms to me, but way more infrequent. She’s also had hemiplegic migraine, where she can’t feel or move her arm (I’ve not had that so far!). Also basilar migraine like me. Her neurologist told her to use this at first signs of migraine or cluster headache type of attacks. She says it works great and stops the dizzies too. But again, her attacks are infrequent. I asked my Neuro about it and she said she didn’t like it, it was old school. But who knows??

Fyi there are other trigger nerves via the nose as well. One is the sphenopalatane ganglion. It’s also been implicated as a migraine and or facial pain/dizzy trigger.

I think once you go from chronic to episodic using preventatives then lidocaine might be effective.

It’s interesting that it works for our mother.

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I was not able to spell sphenopalatane And hence left it :blush:

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