Lifelong medication?

Hi everyone. Just wondering if a medication works are we supposed to permanently stay on it? Or taper off and hope things have gone back to normal? I’ve been on venlafaxine for 10 months and have been feeling much better, about 80% normal :slight_smile: Thinking about having another baby but that means coming off the meds. I’m 35 so it’s now or never! Any advice appreciated, my GP is clueless! thanks

My neurologist told me I must stay on my meds for a minimum of two years then I could try to titrate down topiramate slowly first but because I was so bad she thought I may need the meds long term. You are a lot younger than me and hopefully we’re diagnosed much sooner so hopefully you will heal much better too. I am sure there are others here who will be able to encourage you. Had I been treated before 11 years had taken their toll I am sure I would not need long term meds, but who knows as we are all different.