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Light sensitivity and after glow

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any advice for light sensitivity? I went to my friends aerial recital this past weekend and was sitting directly across from a spot light. On the way home, thankfully I didn’t drive because I felt really weird my head started hurtling and I noticed that I could still see the spot light image in both of my eyes, I felt like I was having a stroke. I would love any advice on how to make my eyes/brain less sensitive to lighting. Thank you!

Medication seems to help many people over time, though that hasn’t been true for me. Many folks on a migraine prophylactic report light sensitivity went down as their migraines decreased. The rest of us wear sunglasses. I find my Theraspecs (both indoor and outdoor pairs) to be pretty much a necessity. I always wear them outdoors and to every entertainment venue.

I don’t think it works quite like that not if the light sensitivity stems from the migraine. Like other symptoms light sensitivity, photophobia is its real name otherwise people start talking about keeping exposed skin covered and sunburn, is ‘just’ another symptom in MAV’s arsenal and they are all the result of sensory hypersensitivity. Preventatives should ultimately reduce all the various symptoms of hypersensitivity. Having said that both Amitriptyline and are beta blockers have a good reputation for treating migraine related photophobia. To retain an image, the spotlight, in the retina is quite common and not necessarily a MAV symptom and according to various opticians I discussed it with (I get it often) harmless. Tinted lenses as suggested by @flutters can prove a quick alternative because it reduces light levels. Of course long-term it isn’t making eyes/brain less sensitive. Whether the preventatives do. Who knows. Helen

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