Light triggers symptoms

I did a fundus examination twice and it involves direct exposure to yellow light. I always get headaches and nausea and dizziness after the exam. I had a video meeting on teams and to increase brightness I used my little sister’s ring light. And 5 mins later I got headache and dizziness. Is it even possible that light could be a major trigger like that?

do you have a history of migraines? this is typical for migraine disorders

I don’t have a long history of migrane. It just came up all of a sudden 4 months ago. Trying to figure out what’s causing my illness, I found caffeine and bright light exposure and lack of sleep, which is one of the symptoms itself, are the biggest triggers. But the difference between me and typical migrane sufferers is that I’m suffering 24/7 not just 5 or 6 migranes a month and the rest of the month is fine I’m dealing with headaches and trampoline walking sensation and double vision and ringing in the ears among other symptoms 24/7. It waxes and waynes in terms of intensity but it never vanishes.

Have you seen a neurologist or otoneurologic physician? This sounds like migraine to me – I had all of these symptoms.

One of the common misconceptions regarding migraine is that there has to be distinct migraine events that are characterized by the classic migraine symptoms, but this isn’t always the case, especially with Chronic Migraine. With chronic migraine, one migraine even cycle often begins before the next one ends and you’re in a constant 24/7 loop of symptoms that never really seem to change. Nobody can diagnose here, but just based on my experience and reading about yours, its possible that you’re in a constant 24/7 loop of migraines that causes your chronic symptoms. The light sensitivity and caffeine triggers are really, really telling.

Highly highly recommend trying to talk to your GP or a neurologist about migraines/what their opinion is. Vestibular Migraine/complex migraine variants are difficult to treat, but they are highly treatable and most patients have favorable outcomes assuming that they’re compliant with what their doctor prescribes. Be hopeful :saluting_face:

edit: ENT/otoneurology are good to visit too. Just make sure you’re getting physician-directed care/workup for this

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Inner or middle ear problems can cause this too. Mine’s always presented as an ear issue and mixed lighting can give me neurological symptoms. It’s all connected.

I suspect it is related to the strobing.

Either way, agree, go see an oto-neurologist. They can cover it whatever the underlying issue.


Yeah you need to be worked up…too many causes of dizziness that need to be ruled out. You’ll be fine though – sending you the best :slight_smile:


I have been to 12 doctors so far. None gave me a diagnosis. Otoneurology is not available as a specialty in my country. We got ENTs, neurologists, and neurosurgeons. I’ll bring migrane up in my next visit to my neuro. Thanks!

Neurologists can dispense pills but can’t examine your ears.

In any case might be worth trying a med like Amitriptyline (like I did) or venlafaxine to see if it might improve symptoms.

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I heard great things about ami. I’ll give it a try. Thank you!

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