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Lion's mane supplement

Has anyone tried lion’s mane supplements? If so, what do you think of it?

I bought a lion’s mane supplement a few months ago and took 1/2 teaspoon the day before my major vestibular attack that landed me in hospital for 4 days. I somehow doubt that this was due to the lion’s mane supplement, but it has been sitting in my fridge ever since. It was very expensive so I am reluctant to throw it in the bin, but I am also afraid to take it in case it causes another attack.

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Lion’s mane supplement, eh. Never having even heard of it and Well knowing it most certainly couldn’t really be quite what it says on the tin (after all Australia doesn’t have lions :wink::grin:) I looked into it further and basically it’s derived from mushrooms. Mushrooms are a bit of an odd ball with migraine diets I find. Most say there’s insufficient evidence either way but some websites suggest there are studies proving mushroom sensitivity in migraineurs. Bit more research into preparation of this supplement and I find the magic word ‘decomposing’ ie rotting, stale mushrooms are the main ingredient and then the word ‘tyramine’ came to mind. Now that’s a main trigger for many. I’m neither doctor nor chemist far from it but I clearly remember reading that tyramine which occurs in the process of aging foods once occurring cannot then be eliminated ie by heating etc. So tyramine might prove to be the connection.

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Sorry, yes it is a mushroom, should have said that in my post!

The brand I bought is a different one to the one in the picture. When I bought it, I assumed it was grown in West-Australia (it said so on the website), but when I got it, it stated “imported”. It turns out it is imported from China.

That is brilliant thinking! If you are right, then that could mean that lion’s mane did contribute to my attack.

And yes, we do have all sorts of creatures in Australia, but no lions :grinning:.

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While reading this I am drinking my Lions mane coffee from Four Sigmatic, which I usually do each afternoon. I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects, but the coffee mix wouldn’t be as strong as taking Lion’s Mane tablets.

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I was not aware that Lion’s mane exists as coffee. Do you get any positive benefits from it?

not that I can tell

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@OffBalanceOffGrid, I noted that you talked about Lion’s Mane in another thread. I am very keen to know how you are going. I tried Lion’s Mane, but had a massive vertigo attack the next day. I am not sure whether it was related to the Lion’s Mane supplement or something else. I still have the supplement in my fridge, but have not dared to try it again. So I am keen to hear about your experience.

I only started it a week ago so I think it’s a bit too early to tell. I’ll give it about a month and then let people know what I think. :slight_smile:
I can say though that so far I haven’t experienced any negative side effects.

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@Katharina Ok, I’ve given the lion’s mane a good month and a half, and I’ve had by far my best month since I got sick 5 months ago. I can’t for certain say it’s the Lion’s Mane tincture of course, but It’s the main medication that I am currently taking and I am at 80% normal days most days. That’s up from barely being able to get out of bed and having to concentrate on walking with every step I took. This past month I have been able to do construction work on our cabin, go up and down our steep mountain hill with relative ease (still a lot weaker than I was- but I also was essentially on bed rest for 4 months), and don’t have to think about walking or balancing myself most days. I still have headaches/tingling on my scalp intermittently, intermittent twitching (wayyy better than it was), and still have some bouts of dizziness and post-exertional malaise. When my period hit I did become more symptomatic which I was expecting, but I was still able to function at at least 75%.
I feel like me again. I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia and vestibular migraine at my neuro appointment mid September. She was familiar with the research on Lion’s Mane and encouraged me to keep taking it along with the magnesium glycinate and feverfew. She also put me on 6 months of a therapeutic dose of vitamin D and prescribed cymbalta in case I feel like I need to move up to an SNRI (so far I haven’t taken it). Honestly, I felt like my life was stripped away from me and I have felt like my life has been given back to me this past month. I know it’s too early to tell, but if I’m trending upwards I can’t rule out Lion’s Mane as at least a part of my solution. I can let you know exactly what kind of Lion’s Mane extraction I’m taking and dosage if you’re interested.

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That is fantastic news @OffBalanceOffGrid. I still have my Lion’s Mane supplement sitting unused in the fridge, I think I’ll start taking it. Thank you very much for your information!

Pleased to hear it seems the nutraceuticals are having the desired effect. Hope they continue to help you. Seems your special yet might have prescribed a winning combo. Be hard to know what’s doing what best but both magnesium Glycinate and Vitamin D3 have had their followers a long time even if Lions Mane is rather the newcomer on the block maybe. Still if it works don’t knock it I’d say.

I read somewhere that Lion’s mane has two compounds, namely hericenones and erinacines, which can support cognitive function and calm the nervous system.

I prefer the real thing over processed supplements.

I agree, but it is impossible to get “the real thing” where I am.