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London Balance & Hearing Centre - My Visit

Thought I’d share my experience, as it may be helpful for somebody hopefully. I do not claim the that the recommends below are the gold standard or that it would be suitable for everybody.

Went for an appointment today at the London Balance & Hearing Centre - I had previously seen 2 neurologists elsewhere and on this occasion I finally saw a neuro-otologist (I wont name the doctor here, but if you want the name please PM me).

Took a deep case history and the usual physical examination.


  • Confirmed Vestibular Migraine and PPPD (although he said PPPD is a symptom not a diagnosis)
  • Recommend couple VNG tests to check level of compensation;
  • Told me to stick with Propanolol. I’m currently on 120mg, but he said many patients need it ramping up to 200mg+ to see results;
  • Heavily stressed the importance of VRT. He claimed that its the only means by which your vestibular system can actually compensate; SSRI’s are simply to manage the secondary physical and psychological symptoms. Said that if vestibular system has fully compensated (as per VNG testing) then SRRI’s are required;
  • Said VRT has low compliance & gets very boring for patients; urged me to “think outside the box” and do yoga, pilates, Tai Chi and swimming;
  • His first go to medication is propranolol followed by Citroplam (based on clinical evidence by the Mayo Clinic);
  • Told me to stick with B2 & Coq10 supplements;
  • Didn’t mention magnesium or diet.

All in all, nothing really new.


Nauseous?: Try Tai Chi! :slight_smile:

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