London Meet Up?

Hello All,

Anyone keen for a London meet up over the coming weeks?? Wednesday 3rd April is good for me??

Be nice to catch up.


I would like to meet with some fellow sufferers. I’m up north though, couldn’t face that journey at the moment :((. Have a great time though x x

I would like to make the next meet up but i can’t do next week. How about we organise one for a couple of weeks times :smiley:


Next week: I can do any except Friday 5th April.

Following week: Prob can’t do Tue 9th or Wed 10th.

But not entirely set in stone. You guys sort it out and if I’m free I’ll definitely pop along.


thursday 11th?

Thurs 11th is good for me. x

Yes I can do thur 11 - again can we make it more central if possible xx

Yup no worries with me, where’s best for u Anna? xx

Just a thought but won’t Richy have gone back to Zurich by this time?

Yes I would love to meet Richy too, let’s find out how long he is around for?
I’m on en route to Gatwick headed for Lanzarote :slight_smile: migraine diet - what migraine diet ! Pah! X

if next thursday is the date then i will try and make it :smiley:

can’t make it unfortunately guys :frowning:

hope you have a great time though and look forward to the next time

When are you headed off Richy?

Anna, I hope you don’t mind me suggesting, but would you mind sticking to Waterloo or maybe somewhere Lizzie and I could take the overground to from say, Clapham Junction?

I know Lizzie is very poorly at the moment and I am not doing great too- I know I may have to miss it if I have to take the tube- possibly the same for Lizzie.

I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I think you’re doing pretty well at the moment so this was a thought that popped into my head.


Hi all,

I definitely can’t make this Thursday. How about next Thursday? if not i will make the next meet up :smiley:

Thought we WERE talking about next Thurs? x

oh good!! thats ok i can make that :smiley:

Nice one me too. x

Any ideas on where to meet?

Are we on for this Thursday yeah?? What about getting a table booked at the Waterloo bar and kitchen Lou found for some food and a quieter place to chat? x

Can’t make this Thurs, but really hope you all get to meet up and have a good chat! :slight_smile:
Let us know how it went…