London Meet Up?

Hello All,

Anyone keen for a London meet up? Wednesday 12th June is good for me? :smiley:

Yes please! I can do that day :slight_smile: x

Yup keen for that too. xx

Sorry can’t make it to London for a meet up but wondered how you all are?

Anna, are you still on gabapentin? what dose? xx

Hey Jem et all,

Just spoken to Dr S NHS secretary actually. I’m only at 100mg and finding it hard to tolerate so he advised me to stay at that for up to 2 months! If I tolerate it better then I will increase it further.

I find it so strange that some can tolerate one drug & not another!

How is it going fir you Jem? X

Where abouts in London and what time?

Anna, I’ve been on 100mg for a week now and it’s been fine. Not noticed any increase in symptoms or side effects YET. I have had some good days this last week with minimal dizziness but then others like today haven’t been as good. I know from before that 300mg can affect me quite badly so expecting to notice more side effects etc if/when I increase the dose. Dr S NHS secretary got back to me today re the dose advice and Dr S seems to be saying to increase the dose if I feel it is helping until it seems to be working then stick at that dose.

Are you finding it any easier to tolerate or is it still making you feel drunk? x

Can you imagine being Dr S secretary! She must be driven mad by us crazy mav folk! I could hardly string a sentence together day , all my words were coming out wrong!
Anyway, I digress! Yes it’s still making me feel drunk but I have stopped and started it 3 times and tried to up the dose twice too so nothing has been regular! We had the holiday but before that was a v stressful time then I had jet lag then I got the norovirus last week so there have been loads of extra things going on. This next week I am concentrating on keeping things even & living a good mav life to see what happens! X

I don’t mind where we meet. Somewhere up London Bridge, Waterloo, Canon Street? 6:00 ish?

Count me in guys. x

guys, sorry to be a pain in the ass but I am flying to london a week later (wednesday June 19th) and it would be great to see you all. Is there any way you could delay it a week or if not, I could maybe catch up with a couple of you then anyway?


Hi Richy, Yeah thats fine with me

I may be able to do Wednesday 19th if I can get a sitter , my husband is away , leave it with me! X

Hope i’ve not messed it around to much Anna. If you find out that you can’t please go ahead with the initial meet date. I just rarely get the chance to be in London so would be great if you guys could make it on 19th, but please don’t let it become a hassle. Can always catch up with you all another time :slight_smile:

Richy can you come back into town when it suits Anna betteR? Anna when does it suit you?x

Richy can you come back into town when it suits Anna betteR? Anna when does it suit you?x

— Begin quote from “missmoss83”

Richy can you come back into town when it suits Anna betteR? Anna when does it suit you?x

— End quote

Hey MM, my flights are already booked for 19th back to London… as i’ve said its really no issue if you guys want to keep with the original date. can always catch up another time :slight_smile:

Rats! If I was back in my home town, I would’ve loved to but NZ is now slightly far away! 8)

Hi guys,

are you going ahead with the original meet date of next wednesday or can you make it the week after? even if you go ahead with it next week would be good to see anyone who can make it the week after aswell :slight_smile:

Ah - can’t generally make Wednesdays - what a shame!
But I hope you all have a great meet-up! :slight_smile: