Long Covid or POTS

Fascinating this.

And you can see one minor reason why POTS might be so comorbid with VM. Salted peanuts, Hula Hoops. I shouldn’t think so on a Migraine Diet.

When I’ve seen TV clips about Long Covid on TV I’ve noticed many MAV similarities too.


As I noted elsewhere, inflammation in your gut & bowel can also result in POTS …

I have no issue consuming Hula Hoops, though, I might add! :heart_eyes:

MSG? High in salt? Both probably. Must admit it’s years seen I ever saw a Hula Hoop.

MSG and salt don’t seem to be an issue for me (but enough about me).

Hello both, I thought Helen might have started a POTS thread and the link to long Covid.

So I have just been diagnosed with POTS as a direct consequence of my Covid infection in December. Last Wednesday, I experienced a spectacular crash after a couple of weeks of feeling fairly normal after the initial bed bound horror had passed. All the symptoms I had returned with a vengeance and I have had to take end of last and all of this week off work and not leaving the house. Luckily I had an endo appointment booked for yesterday and had done the standing test beforehand, which saw my heart rate increase by 30bpm within 10 min of standing and my blood pressure dropping significantly.

The consultant said they are seeing Covid triggering POTS. Of course more common in women. He’s also considering I might have MCAS, which I never heard of but linked to histamine issues, which would make total sense. He said very common co morbidity with VM.

I’ve been referred to a POTS specialist, prescribed anti histamines, ivermectin and am getting my chest scanned for clots following Covid.


I also love hula hoops! But my naturopath mum told me drinking a sea salt and lemon tonic first thing in the morning is a much better way to go! :sweat_smile:

On your point james, this endocrinologist says that there is also a link with small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), hence the gastrointestinal symptoms that often come along with it

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Yes, and did I hear that certain diets (intermittent fasting?) can put you at greater risk of that? Then again a small search online reveals articles saying intermittent fasting can be a good treatment for it? …

We ran out of time to discuss this! I will report back after my follow up next week. There are a number of Covid protocols suggesting that fasting deprives the virus’s spike protein (something like that, I’m no scientist) and so speeds up recovery.

I wouldn’t have thought that IM is detrimental to SIBO. It probably would be for POTS, but then the famous Terry Wahls put herself into remission from MS (also a Dysautonomia condition) and only eats once a day apparently.

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Remission from MS? That’s really interesting!

Intuitively you’d imagine that less food = less bacteria.

Also fewer meals = less for gut to do, less potential inflammation and longer to recover between meals.

But we need to be careful to keep a balance and not harm our intake of much needed nutrients, of course.

However, I noticed recently a big help for my recent and unprecedented bout of Gastritis was reducing size of meals and making them “simpler”. Not drinking during a meal helped too.

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I think there is something to do with mitochondria having more time to repair when the body isn’t busy digesting food.

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