Long-term Klonopin Use - Any advice or Personal Stories?

So, I’ve been diagnosed with MdDS, but it’s still possible I might suffer from MAV/vestibular migraines. Anyway, my neurologist is about to start me on daily Klonopin, as it’s more or less the only effective treatment for MdDS. What I’m wondering is, have any of you with a definitive MAV diagnosis found relief with Klonopin? I’m quite worried about using this rather notorious and potentially addictive medicine on a daily basis, and am also concerned about how long it will actually provide relief for me on a daily basis before not working anymore. No need to reiterate how dangerous it can be - I know quite well. But it’s either take the risk or continue being unable to work due to my 24/7 symptoms.

Any opinions, advice, or personal experience from people who have used Klonopin, with or without success? Thanks so much!

Nick, I, too, have used benzos from time-to-time, and my doctor wanted me to try taking them on a regular basis. When I expressed concern to her about taking an addictive drug, she told me she looks at it the same way she looks at a high blood pressure pill, for example. In other words, if you need it to live a quality life, so be it.

Why don’t you just try it for a week and see if it helps at all? If it doesn’t, stop taking it. You won’t be hooked after only a week. If it does help and gives you back your life, it would be an easy decision for me to make. Best of luck!

I have a dual diagnosis of spontaneous onset MdDS and MAV…as you can see in my signature, I have tried quite a few drugs unsuccessfully. Valium and Klonopin have been the only effective drugs (esp Klon). Currently, I take 1.5mg (so, 3 0.5mg tablets) of Klonopin daily, and this definitely helps–not a cure unfortunately, but I am much better with it than without it!

Thanks, alternaace. A dual diagnosis sounds even worse. Very tricky, I imagine! I’m hopefully going to be starting on Valium or Klonopin soon, but I still haven’t been prescribed just yet, as there’s one more med my current doc would like to try before resorting to a Benzo. How long have you been taking Klonopin? I’m almost certain it will provide me relief, but the longevity of that relief is what concerns me.

Same question to you as well, KennedyLane! If you don’t mind responding. Haha. Thank you!

Been on Klon for at least 6 months now, so not a terribly long time, but i guess all i can do is wait and see what happens. For me, the headaches, ear fullness, and episodic spin attacks is the mav. That is all i had between 2009-2010, then sometime in 2011, right after my 30th birthday BANG came the chronic rocking and disequilibrium. Dr Cha and other experts believe there is a strong link between mav and mdds, esp the non motion induced kind like I got. Makes perfect sense in my case because the mav came first. Sometimes ibuprofen helps the migraine component symptoms but obviously does nothing for the rocking/shifting feelings.