Longest MAV "attack"?

How long was your longest MAV “attack”? How long did it take you to return back to a “functional” everyday level? Or your baseline?

I’m currently experiencing my first big attack, and I’ve been stuck in bed for 6 days straight. Feels like my head is in a vice, numbness, strange smells, the spins, dizziness, severely off balance with horrible heaviness/weakness in my entire body (especially legs)…feeling super depressed and isolated being stuck in bed. Can barely even walk to the bathroom or look at my phone…Missing my baseline (which wasn’t even so great) so badly right now!

Mine is usually just for a few hours if I’ve been exposed to like a ton of stimuli (blaring noise, tons of fluorescent or other intense lights) - I try to sleep for like 6-8 hours and it calms down my nerves and return to baseline. Today I have worse symptoms due to eating a lot of gluten last night I think. Mine correlate to diet somewhat. Feel better!!

My mav attacks generally last 4-5 days …However ive had ones for as long as 2 weeks and as short as about 36 hours .
The depression is hard to cope with and after 13 years i now get anxiety about the attacks and suicidal thoughts and depression in the attack.
Baseline not great but can function :expressionless: