Looking for a new doctor that accepts tele-therapy

My current doctor (Ian Purcell) out of San Diego CA has told me they will no longer be accepting tele-theraphy patients due to the state of emergency being called off. Can anyone recommend a doctor that provides this service? I have PPO insurance, just looking for a new pair of eyes for my case.


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I’m pretty sure UCSF does tele-therapy

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I am located in southern California near Orange County. Can you provide more information in UCSF?

Thank you


UCSF does a “second opinion” program, where you can send them all your medical records and they can evaluate the diagnosis that you’ve been given to see if their experts agree, require more testing, or disagree.

After the second opinion process, they offer to assign you to a specialist for whatever your condition is over teletherapy.

I’ve heard that its not cheap to start the process, but it is highly regarded, and UCSF has a reputation of being one of the best institutions in the US.


Tim Hain also sees telehealth patients, but only after an initial in-person encounter.