Looking for advice about controlling dizziness and ear pressure.

Looking for advice how to cope with the constant feelings of aural fullness/ pressure.
It is so debilitating.

I also have constant dizziness.

Are these 2 symptoms around all day everyday? They are for me. Along with tinnitis.

ENT currently unsure of diagnosis.

Thank you.

Seek a second opinion – nobody here can give you medical advice :slight_smile:

Thank you.
I’m just looking into other avenues people have successfully used to dampen down the feeling of aural pressure.
It’ll give me some information to discuss with ENT.

unfortunately the aural fullness is a nonspecific symptom that can be found in many disorders with differing underlying pathologies that cause dizziness. the best approach for you is to probably nail down a diagnosis with your ENT and start treating your underlying disease.

I know for me, my aural fullness got better when I started having my VM treatment ramped up and fully integrated.

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Hi, I get the aural pressure and its awful. I take Betahistine to manage mine as my Amitriptyline doesn’t impact that symptom sadly. It used to be constant but is now the first sign for me that I’ve been triggered by something and I need to take things easy etc. Now it’s managed by medication, it’s easy to tell when a certain food triggers me as the pressure is generally quite speedy to arrive! There’s a direct correlation between the pressure and any swimminess and nausea as well. Not sure if that helps any?

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That’s really interesting. So in essence it’s got better?

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Yes, definitely - but I struggle without the Betahistine so it definitely has a positive effect for me. If I eat something that triggers, the fullness rushes in so I know it’s still there. But it’s managed for the most part these days. Swimminess and losing my balance are two things I still find difficult, but they’re definitely less prominent with the fullness being managed.

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Have you worked out what this is? Is it possible this is carbs or sugar?

I don’t get “fullness” but I can get an increase in pulsating tinnitus after food sometimes.

Thank you.
Do you take Betahistine daily ? Or when the symptoms appear?
And have you worked out the food triggers.
You’ve done really well.

MSG is a definite trigger, yogurt also used to be until quite recently! I think I’m okay with sugar, so long as in moderation. Sometimes if the pressure is high, my ears hurt too. I’m thankful it’s now a trigger response as it used to be 24/7 which was awful!

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I take Betahistine 3 times each day. I managed to come off it a couple of years ago but then had a massive covid-triggered relapse and was prescribed it again and I’ve been taking it alongside Amitriptyline ever since. Too scared to come off it at the moment if I’m honest!! I’m gradually pushing myself to do more at the moment so think I need the medication to keep me well and give me a higher baseline of tolerance for triggers. And yes, thank you, I am doing really well but it’s been an almost 4 year journey! And I had an awful vestibular flare yesterday, balance completely went and walking was a real challenge - taken my dog for a morning walk today so thankfully shortlived. For me, and I suspect many others, it’s a constant management to stay on top of things!

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So interesting. Well you must be doing the right things!

My psychotherapist always said this though: nothing always stays the same and change is guaranteed. Thank goodness!!


Although it hasn’t helped in my fullness issues YET, my ENT increased my sinus medication. Said it could decrease the pressure if it is partially/fully due to allergies.

Hi there. A few questions:
When did this start? What do you take right now? What is your diet and exercise like? Do you have allergies?
I guess a place to start would be an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. Or take an antihistamine like Cetirizine (Zyrtec). These relieve my symptoms temporarily if allergies are acting up

Depending on the underlying cause, stress, diet, activity, barometric pressure, and allergies can all affect our symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus.

I suffer from symptoms of Mal de Debarquement syndrome, PPPD, BPPV (which I worked out). I also have MS and had a Stapedectomy in my right ear. So my right ear always feels “full” and I also have a case of tinnitus in that ear. So I’m a complicated case, and I understand what you are going through!

Good luck.

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