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Hello everyone, my name is Miguel and I am 27 years old. More than a year ago, playing video games, I began to get quite dizzy, I wouldn’t say it was vertigo as such, but something more similar to motion sickness. Since that day, I do not remember a full day without experiencing any symptoms related to dizziness (Instability in shopping malls, dizziness with computer and television screens, an episode in meetings with people…) In no case have I had complete vertigo, the Sensations are more like spasms of dizziness somewhere, exhausted head, sudden and short instability…) I’ve been to all kinds of doctors and no one has been able to give me “something clear”. The ENT doctor told me that my ears are fine, the blood tests are normal… I am now on Amitriptyline, as a neurologist believes I may have some kind of “migraine equivalent”. It may be that I have improved somewhat, right now I am taking 50 mg (the maximum dose that I can take according to the doctor) Honestly, I have reached a point where I don’t even remember the feeling of what it was like to be “well”, so there are days with less symptoms that I even wonder if it was so. The truth is that it is very difficult for me to enjoy things, since all my hobbies have gone to waste because of this.

Thanks for listening.

All the best

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Welcome Miguel!

Sounds like you are having good treatment (I used Ami myself for 1.5 years).

We can’t diagnose here, but we can theorise.

Was this game a bit stressful by any chance?

You might find this gentleman’s story relevant: Diagnosed with migrainous vestibulopathy

Also, my doctors recommended reading books about migraines and going on the migraine diet. There’s an overrview somewhere on this site about migraine vertigo.

You may have a trigger that you are unaware of. My daughter (also a gamer) was having a terrible time after gaming, and it ended up being related to the MSG in the ramen noodles :grinning:

And don’t let anyone diagnose you on this board. Self-educate.

Hello, first of all thanks for taking your time to answer. My intention is not to get a diagnosis here, although I think that nobody would be displeased if I did, we are not going to fool ourselves. As I said, I have had this “disease” for about 2 years and I am simply looking to shed some light on what is happening to me. I have carefully read the post you recommended @turnitaround and it has similarities to my case, thanks for that. It is completely true that the symptoms are so varied that they fit with many diseases, surely making you wrong many times. In addition to getting sick from screens and light, I also have “focus” and “gaze shake” problems which has made me visit 4 optometrists and unfortunately they each thought one thing. I have come to think that it was anxiety, perhaps stress… And to this day I still have doubts about all this. I have been with Amitriptyline for about 4-5 months and as I said I think something has improved, or so I want to believe. To be honest, one of the most difficult things about all this is that being quite bad almost every day, I do not remember what it is to be well, and therefore it is very difficult to measure the improvement, if any.