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Looking for doctor in Los Angeles


I have suffered with constant dizziness (like walking on a boat) and constant tinnitus (hissing) in my ears for years now. I thought it was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a long time, but it hasn’t improved. I’d like to see if I have MAV. Does anyone know of a good MAV diagnostician in the Los Angeles area?

Many thanks!

Hi there,

Dr Robert Baloh is the guru out there:

Best … Scott

Also at UCLA, Dr. Yoon-Hee Cha. Baloh doesn’t follow up on meds or see people for a second visit very often anymore.

Thanks guys! I ended up seeing Baloh, who diagnosed me with MAV. Sally, you’re right: he doesn’t follow up anymore–or at least with me. I’m getting treated now by Dr. Gail Ishiyama, but it’s good to kno wabout Dr. Yoon-Hee Cha also. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I’m intend on making good use of this wonderful forum now.

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Hello! I know this is an old post, can you give me any feedback on Dr. Ishiyama? I have an appointment with her next month.

I got to USC for my VM treatment. So far they are ok, but from other forums I have read Dr. Ishiyama is pretty good. I didn’t go see her because her appointments were 3 to 4 months out. Please let me know how it works out for you. She is on my lists of docs to go to. Thank you and good luck.

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Dr.Ishiyama helped with my inner ear MRI and imaging for endolymphatic hydrops.


I’ll certainly be updating after my visit! I’m glad you’re getting treatment somewhere, hopefully whatever they’re doing is helping!

That’s great, getting answers are only half the battle. Do you still visit her?

Dr. Hain had me work with Dr.Ishiyama as that team invented the imaging protocol for endolymphatic hydrops. I consult with Dr.Hain after i was cleared off endolymphatic hydrops.

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