Looking for neurotologist in Arizona- Help!

By chance, is there anyone that might know of a neurotologist in the Phoenix, Arizona area ??? Actually, Id be thrilled to find any doctor in my area that is knowledgable about MAV. I know they have to be here, I just don’t know how to find one!

Thanks !

Hi AZdizzy

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I read your post under “POST YOUR STORY” and will reply to it shortly.

I just wanted to mention that if you have no luck finding a neuroto in Arizona, you might want to consider
driving a bit further to California. Dr Baloh at UCLA is the best in the world in this area (he is a neurotologist that
does a lot of research). I understand it may be difficult to get that far especially if you’re not in good shape
right now, but might be well worth it. Other’s experiences with him have been excellent and he is a well-known
authority on vestibular disorders, migraine and other episodic neurological disorders.


Thanks Adam, for suggesting Dr. Baloh. If I’m not able to find someone closer to my area, I will definitely try and arrange a meeting with him. Traveling wouldn’t exactly be ideal at the moment, but its good to know its an option if I keep running into dead-ends. Thank you !!! :smiley:

Let me ask, have you read the book “Heal your Headache” ?? If so, what is your opinion? I just finished it and I really liked it. It amazes me that a couple months ago when I heard the word “migraine” all I thought of was headaches. Not anymore !!!

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.