Looking for some hope

Been struggling lately with low mood and anxiety. Some days are much better than others. I’m just so fed up of this condition and desperately want to get my life back. But struggling with feeling hopeless. I worry that i’ll never feel better and i’ll be stuck like this, even though i’ve felt better before from meds so know it’s possible. But i fear that i won’t find another med that works as successfully without side effects forcing me to discontinue it.

I feel hopeless thinking about how much longer this could go on for.

I am so tired of being anxious all the time. Of not being able to escape these symptoms even for a minute. It feels neverending. I’m tired of life being a relentless struggle for the past 18 months now. I really want all this to be over. It’s another few weeks before i can start Aimovig (still don’t know exactly when) and it could be months before it starts working, if it works and i can tolerate it. I know i should try to be optimistic that i’m due to try something new but i just think of all the possible things that could go wrong. It’s really depressing that i can’t just make any of it go away, it’s out of my control, and i don’t know how much longer it’s going to continue, i have to keep facing it day in day out with no light at the end of the tunnel.

I try reading the success stories but get frustrated at reading about people who got their lives back after only a few months or who got better on a treatment i already tried. Exercise, diet etc doesn’t work for me.

I just keep having some really tough moments emotionally (i know it’s literally the migraine causing these moods) and need to hear some encouragement. I need to find hope from somewhere.

I know this low mood and anxiety is a migraine symptom but it’s hard not get bogged down in it when it happens.

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This sounds exactly like me, I’m in a much better place mentally than I was but I’m still with my symptoms 24/7 and don’t know how I can get rid of them. I’m only 27 and I’m struggling with how I can plan a future, buying a house and having my own family when I’m still not well. It’s really just set me back and watching all my friends do all the things I should be doing is getting me down.

I completely understand. I’ve had VM since my mid twenties and i’m mid thirties now. At first it was hard seeing my peers going about their lives getting jobs, getting married etc. But now I don’t compare my life to others my age, that just leads to resentment. I have to focus on the life i’ve been dealt, not what other people have. It’s actually made me decide to pursue a career that i’ve always dreamed of (when i’m feeling better) rather than trying for work i “should” be doing for the sake of financial independence. Because happiness and fulfillment are more important than what society deems we should be doing.

It’s really essy to think about all the things you can’t do - which is alot - but i try to stay hopeful that it won’t always be like this.

It’s horrible at any age but when you’re young it feels like the prime of your life is being robbed from you. Instead of being physically limited in older life, it’s already limited in youth, when you’re supposed to be able to do stuff. I know it sucks.

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I have the same issue as you and have been struggling with severe constant dizziness for well over a year now with no improvements. My entire life went up in flames after I had a concussion and developed severe chronic vestibular migraine. It’s really difficult to watch your friends and family move on with their lives and do exciting things when you can’t. I am desperately trying to get my life back and find some medication that helps improve the VM symptoms but it’s difficult waiting around for results when you have no idea how long it will take. I am sure you will find another medication that will help your symptoms but I understand the frustration in waiting!

Thank you, i hope you find something that works for you too, and i hope it will be soon.

Hi guys have you tried seeing Dr S Surenthiran? I would highly recommend him if you are based in London and are looking for a specialist in the field. This is definitely a disorder which I’m realising does take a long time and the healing of the brain can be like a bit of a rollercoaster but keep positive.

I have had the VM for a year and am about 70-80 I know can have a few hours depending what I’m doing without dizziness. I’m also doing accupuncture I’ve found the most amazing guy if you live in London then GO to him. Please don’t give up hope. Also my cousin had confusion and had these symptoms she is now symptom free she saw someone else and had to do certain exercises but it took a year

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I don’t live in London and I’m happy with the headache specialist I see.

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