I’ve been keeping a diary and I noticed something.
When I first got hit by my symptoms I was totally freaked out by the tinnitus. So they gave me lorazepam
which I could take max 3 times a day (1 mg). I was feeling a little more energetic.
Then I quit the lorazepam because it’s supposed to be addictive right?
I took it again when I went on holiday in August because I had panick attacks and
just couldn’t move. I felt less tired and more me while taking them.
I always thought it was the sunshine and being away from it all.
I wasn’t thinking MAV at that time, but now I’m wondering if there is a connection.
On the other hand, taking lorazepam is not so good right? Addiction etc…
Just wondering if other people have found relief with it.

I have not been formally diagnosed with mav but have been dealing with chronic headaches and dizziness for the last 6 years which recently became debilitating. I have been taking 0.5 mg twice daily for the last 6 weeks and it definitely helps calm down dizziness and associated anxiety. I am also worried about addiction but at this point symptoms are so bad I am willing to take that risk while trying to find a more long term solution.

Search ativan on this forum. U will find people who r on it. I think “dee” is on it

I’m not greatly afraid I could get addicted, for (possibly specious?) reasons out of my history.

My neurologist prescribed lorazepam to start with and it did great things for me. Now I have 1/2 mG tabs and the neurologist’s advice to take one when I experience aura or dissociation, but not more than two days in a row or I think it’s 3 days in one week. So far I’ve complied.
My sweetheart suggested, and I thought about, taking a tab before giving a seminar talk a few months back, to quell any concern that I might fog out. I chose not to, and the talk went fine–except for my laptop’s reluctance to communicate with the projector.

Thanks for the info everyone!

I’m seeing a new neurologist on Monday. I will bring my diary and talk about it.
Maybe he has a good alternative!