'Losing my balance made me lose my confidence'

This lady writes of her experience with vestibular symptoms following a surgical procedure for Neurofibromatosis a rare condition that affects one in 30,000 people. It is not MAV that’s for sure but her subsequent experiences resonated with me to such an extent I just had to post it on here. Proves all manner of conditions can produce the same symptoms and as a person who has totally lost her balance for weeks at a time on quite a few occasions I would be very interested to know how many on here can equate to her symptoms. Helen


Certainly a lot of similarities to what I experience. Just goes to prove that although we all have similar symptoms, the root cause of our difficulties differ greatly, thus making the finding of solutions even more complicated! - and why some things will help one person but not the next. :cry: Thank you for sharing, Helen.


This post came back to mind whilst listening to televised tennis. One ex player was recalling how following a serious ankle injury she had eventually sought out the services of a hypotherapist when she found, although recovered, she hadn’t yet been able to regain her full range of movement.

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Another article which fits under this title rather neatly. It’s the sort of event, like many cases of VM if balance loss is experienced, that makes life thereafter seem that bit different from before. This piece certainly resonates with me though Personally I’d never loathed my legs as such. Ignored them mostly maybe but never loathed them. They certainly come in handy though. Strong leg muscles are a great help with VM.