Lots of Walking

Hi Everyone,

I put my Gym on hold for 3 months and the last few weeks i decided to purchase a Pedometer and begin walking in a beautiful park… between 1-3 miles nearly everyday. My MAV is still there but it seems it has helped with my Equilibruim and i have more energy and in geneal feeling better. The pedometer i purchased tells me how many Calories i’ve burned…how many steps i’ve taken and how many miles i’ve walked. So i’m enjoying this. Even lost some weight. :slight_smile:

Does anyone else do alot of walking for exercise?


Hi Joe,

Personally I would always find doing exercise outside much more beneficial that being stuck inside a building. I find the fresh air really clears my head. I do a mixture of walking (most days) and running (2 or 3 times a week). I’ve always tried to keep up with doing exercise, apart from times when I’ve been having really terrible spells and couldn’t manage it. I think it makes me feel better physically (in particular I get very lethargic when I don’t do anything) and also mentally.

I have a pedometer too. It’s a really good way to motivate yourself. When I see days when I’ve only done a couple of thousand steps, I go out for a walk in evening if I can!

Great news about the weight loss too :slight_smile:

Hi Beech,

Thank you very much! Being inside a gym i tend to get a bit bored and if i’m not having a very day from dizzyness issues… the machines (thread mill, stair master, etc) don’t make it any better so walking at my own pace in a very pretty scenery…open space, some beautiful trees…lots of green, fresh air…for some reason that is giving me more motivation + the Pedometer is like the icing on the cake. As i walk…every now and then i take a peek at my pedometer and notice the calories being burned off and the increase of steps taken, etc. So it’s a total motivator for me! My energy is improved, equilibruim appears to be better and just my overall being is a plus. I will continue with this type of regular day exercise and see where it takes me. If nothing else…the exercise is very good for the body. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening to me.


ps the question now is …do i purchase a Ipod?? :slight_smile: