Low Salt Diet Example?

Hi! Newbie here. I’m trying to eat a diet of low salt along with a diuretic. Will you please share what a day or two of eating this way looks like for you? I just don’t think I’m doing this correctly. Also, how many mg of sodium should I be aiming for?

Thank you so much!

Hi! Great question my husband is on a low salt diet. And to be honest you have to cook everything home made. He only has a limit of 1000mg a day. He is also gluten free which makes it very hard. There are many low sodium cookbooks too. Here is an example:

Breakfast: 2 eggs w/ spinach and mushrooms
Snack: Banana or apple
Lunch: chicken salad with all vegetables. I season it with Dan Os or any no salt seasoning. And then if you like dressing vingerettes are the way to go.
Snack: carrots or broccoli
Dinner: roast with potatoes and asparagus.

You can make so many thing but just don’t add the salt. Like I said you have to really make things homemade.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed. I appreciate your help and will look around for some recipes.

No problem. Honestly Pinterest is my go to for recipes as well. And always look at the nutritional facts. It’s amazing how much salt is in food, especially frozen meals.