Lunesta (eszopiclone) triggering migraine?

I was given 2mg of generic Lunesta to try to help my insomnia. It is a non-benzodiazepine sleep aid, as I already take klonopin. I was nervous to try it, as I’ve never tried a sleep rx before. I took one Fri eve. It did not give me the tired, relaxed feeling I expected, but I did sleep for abt 6hrs. I woke up once or twice during the night, but went back to sleep. I felt rested in the morning, but when up and about the next day, I felt off- like with MAV. I was also very irritable, arguing with my husband. Then, around noon, I had a quick spin/magneto head and had to grab the counter. I then declared that Lunesta was not for me! I was fine later, but had stabby head pains during sleep last night, and woke to a migraine with some mild dizziness that has lasted all day. Ugh. Just wanted to see if anyone else had issues with generic Lunesta (eszopiclone).

Well I’ve just googled this. Seems it can cause dizziness, balance problems, migraine headache, neck stiffness, and nerve pain. Darn!!! Guess I’m back to benadryl…

I was prescribed lunesta but i never took it. Melatonin works for me. Ambien is another choice.

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Thanks. I will ask next time about Ambien. Melatonin does nothing except give me racing, bizarre dreams.

Trazadone is also a popular ER choice for insomnia. Overdose on CBD oil helps sleep as well.

Trazedone made me feel weird. I’m thinking to revisit the gabapentin this weekend. It was great in all regards (even stopped tinnitus), except for the lingering drugged feeling next morning.

I am drug tested, so hesitant to take CBD… When I retire :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I take CBD with 0 THC.

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I’ve heard that. Just afraid to try… We’ve been warned abt it… It’s pretty tough, govt clearance.

Zzzquil does not work ?

That’s the same as benadryl. Yes it can knock me out if I take enough, but then gives me hangover next morning. Also long term linked to memory problems. I take a smaller dose and it does help, but not great. Taking klonopin at night helps, but then I cannot take it if I get a dizzy attack at work next day. So I hold it in reserve. Magnesium drink Calm helps sometimes… Drinking it now.

mag glycinate works as well. Are you able to focus after Klonopin at work ?

Absolutely. It can stop my MAV in its tracks. I can go from a major attack with jelly legs nausea rocking dizziness to perfect in 30min. Feel normal.

Wow…i carry my ativan with me…probably good idea to use it during my next attack.

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Yes do it!

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