Lying on one side too much.

So I woke up the other day in excruciating pain: I couldn’t move my fingers without a seriously sharp pain in my wrist.

It’s been up and down ever since.

I thought I’d got something wrong with my wrist and I’d over done typing or something.

But of course, I remembered when something similar had happened before: it’s a pinched nerve and I think I’ve almost isolated it - my shoulder.

As soon as I get out of bed (still in excruciating pain on occasion) I do some stretching, do some arm rotations on both sides and would you know it: the pain and wrist stiffness disappears.

A reminder on how connected the body is.

I think I know how I got here: the tinnitus and the slightly dulled hearing I have on one side encourages me to lie on the bad side. It feels more comfortable somehow. But I believe over time this has caused my shoulder to ‘freeze’ and this is pinching nerves.

So I suggest if you find yourself doing this, try to avoid it.


I don’t know if they have Rolfing massage in the UK, but I found that amazingly helpful in the same situation. (Except I did it kayaking.)

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Yes massage might help! I’ll investigate.

Also I should get back to the long walks I used to do.

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I do the opposite I lie on my good side but last year I am like screw it and sleep on whatever side. The inclined sleeping takes a toll. Might I recommend a long hugging pillow and it helps a lot. I am sure amazon has it.

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Yep. The human body’s a wonderful thing so perfectly in tune and balanced. The slightest thing can knock it off kilter like too much lying on one side. I did a good line in bed sores that way and boy it soon ruins your haircut. Goes all flat the one side. Spoils all the hairdressers efforts. I found I really have to retrain myself to even it out to sleeping 50/50 each side. Took a month and more and I ended up having to retrain it again and again following each acute attack at one point, i had muscle pain and in the wrist too at one time. (Gotta log off now, off line rest of day - 8 hours minimum complete cut scheduled here all day today. Don’t have a Smart phone). Helen


It took a while, but I have had to train myself to sleep only on my back! I have a scoliosis on my right side which often makes it impossible to lie on that hip because the pain is too much, and I found that when the vertigo thing is around, lying on the left side seemed to bring it all on. Now I only move onto my side for short periods and have a very firm pillow for that which makes sure my neck/back are in alighnment - and then a huggy pillow to keep the ‘up’ side arm level…and often another between my knees!!! Quite a performance, so don’t often do it!!! Getting old plus the whole ‘ear’ thing is not for sissies!


Ugh, poor you Beth! As if you didn’t have enough to deal with!

Yep I had to do that one too. Soon discovered when you cannot sleep on your bad side, my right side, because of MAV, it’s not the best idea in the world to fall down and smash your left shoulder which is what I did in December 2016. Back was then the only option. Took about five pillows til I was firmly wedged in. I can still command my body to sleep on my back but it’s not my natural first choice. Amazing what can be learnt. Helen

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