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Magnesium and B2 doses to start with

My doctor wants me to take riboflavin and magnesium separately as people don’t always react well to them (like diarrhea from magnesium). What’s a good starting dose for both? Any brand recommendations?

A neurologist told me the same about taking Vitamin B2 (Ribofavin) and Co-enzyme Q10. Told me to take each independently for two months and then quit unless totally successful. I was told to take 400mg Ribofavine straight off but because I know how med sensitive I can be I started at one x 100mg per day with the intention of gradually increasing over a couple of weeks. 100mg tablets were easily available although I think I saw 25mg ones too.

Dr Hain recommends 500mg magnesium daily, some doctors say 400mg. Magnesium comes in several forms, preferences vary. Check out what’s been recommended by other posters on here by going through the member recommended products page (see top of screen under titles). You can even pick up a link to Amazon and buy whilst making a tiny donation towards this site’s running costs whilst you are there! Once you’ve seen what’s easily available then you can decide what’s right for you.


My neurologist had me start taking 200 mg of B2 daily as well as 500 mg of magnesium. I take the GNC brand since that dose of the magnesium and B2 itself is hard to find. I take the B2 twice daily, one at breakfast one at dinner (they’re 100 mg tablets) and the magnesium at dinner time as well.

I don’t notice any problems taking them in terms of digestive issues and I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to meds and things, but I always take vitamins and supplements with food.

As for if it’s helping? Honestly, I’m not sure. I haven’t had a pounding migraine since beginning of October (started the vitamins a week after the last episode), but now I have these vestibular problems that are very pronounced and don’t seem to ease up. I’ll finish these bottles and then go from there, but you should be okay in taking these supplements. A side note: Your urine output may increase and be neon yellow, that’s just excess B2 waste.