Magnesium and Migraine

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Here’s a nice summary of the evidence for magnesium in migraine control by Steve Novella, neurologist, scientist and skeptic:

"Magnesium for migraine is a plausible hypothesis. Magnesium can affect both regulation of blood flow and neuronal function – both of which are physiological factors important in migraine. There is evidence that magnesium deficiency is common, and is more common in migraine patients than non-migraine sufferers.

The use of magnesium in migraine is a good example of how a science-based practitioner might incorporate benign and plausible treatments but with only preliminary evidence into their practice."


My neurologist has me on magnesium and B2 in addition to nortrip. I take 1000 mg of magnesium a day. I like it when doctors prescribe vitamins and supplements instead of medicine, medicine and more medicine.

I had my magnesium levels checked a few years ago and I was below the reference range. I started taking 150 magnesium tablet a night. My 3 day migraines reduced down and only lasted one day (these were the back of the head type). I tried to up the magnesium and had dizziness the next day, this happened more than once, so I stuck to the one tablet.


I thought it was interesting how Novella said it’s important to look at what “type” of migraine is being treated with the magnesium – that it may be more effective for menstrual migraine or in migraine with aura versus no aura. Whatever the case, I take some daily in a powder mix with some B vitamins too. Not sure if it makes any difference. It did initially perk me up when I started taking it last year.


Yes, Scott, my GP did say that Magnesium is most effective for menstrual migraine, but since that is the time of the month when I am dizziest, she thought magnesium would be effective.

just read this article from dizzycook about forms of magnesium and which are best for migraine:


So one is better for migraine, whilst another brain fog … that’s a little annoying! :angry: :slight_smile:

Good link!

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Nice article! My personal favorite form of magnesium is transdermal (vodka + magnesium flakes):

It’s cheap, not itchy (like that crappy magnesium oil), and doesn’t require going through the GI tract. :grinning:

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