Magnesium Chloride Soaks or Baths?

Has anyone had help for their VM with this? How long do ya’ll recommend trying something like this before giving up on it? (I doubt one would figure out after one bath if it works or not)

I never have access to a bath but I’m staying at a hotel for a night with a bath next week and thought why not try it though I assume, like with magnesium orally, one would have to try it for at least 3 months to see if it works? Maybe if I get a bath in the future.

The Migraine Summit had a doctor say if it helps why not. The doctor didn’t bring up the below study though:

I didn’t see this topic anywhere (sorry if I missed it).

I can’t say how it works as a preventative but I’ve used it for acute treatment. We have these sensory deprivation float tanks here. It’s like 1,000lbs of Epsom salts in just enough water to keep it in suspension. The tanks are totally dark (unless visual snow lights your nights) and quiet (unless hyperacusis is in evidence). You can lay suspended on the top of the dense body temperature water and not sink. If I can make it there during a migraine, I can float for 90 minutes and walk out closer to normal.

Thanks! I tried floating once for an hour and it didn’t help my VM and I’d keep trying it but it’s quite expensive and I think far from me now

I think my love of it has as much to do with dark, warm and quiet as anything. I usually fall asleep. And my skin gets all smooth and soft. It’s not cheap but less than a good haircut here.