Has anyone had any positive results from Magnesium or, Riboflavin, Co Q10, Butterbur?

are any of them worth trying?

Hi Rich,

I have been taking 400mg of Magnesium Citrate for about 8 months. I also take Co Q10 and I haven’t had a headache for about 3-4 months. Not sure if the supplements have anything to do with it or not, but I’m happy. I’m at 90% most days. I guess it would be worth a try.

Hey Kathy did you start Zoloft? Is it helping you at all?

I’ve been taking 400 mG twice a day for some months, per neurotologist’s suggestion. Haven’t noticed improvement.

I’ve been doing so many things…diet, these supplements, Cymbalta, physical therapy, and at 90% most days now (stress is a huge trigger as are bright lights, loud sounds, and visually busy stores-craft stores are the worst, gardening shops are the best). I have no idea what’s truly helping.

I’ve been thinking of eliminating the calcium and magnesium to lower overall costs. Also seriously considering getting off Loestrin, the pill, but am scared of making any changes at all; actually terrified of literally rocking the boat…

Hi Sarah,

I just increased to 75mg of Zoloft a few days ago. Haven’t noticed much of a change yet, but it is still too early to determine the outcome. How about you! Does the Zoloft help you at all? Are you completly off of the Nori? I am taking 70mg of the Nori along with the Zoloft. I’ll keep you posted if it works. I hope you are feeling better.

I’ve been taking magnesium for a while - just for the heck of it. Didn’t really think it was doing much, but I’m beginning to wonder… I’ve had some, ummm, digestive issues recently, so I kicked out the magnesium for a couple of days and wow. I’ve had a couple of spinny episodes that I haven’t had for a couple/few months. Could be a coincidence. I did nix the 75 mg of Effexor I was on since October about a month ago, but I think don’t think that’s it. Gonna go back to the Magnesium again, though.

As for the others, I did try a combo of magensium, B2, and Petadolex Butterbur last summer, per my neurologist’s suggestion. I started to feel a tad better, but then started feeling worse. I kicked the butterbur out and that seemed to get me back to my normal level of yuck. Also, could have been a coincidence, but I suspect it was the butterbur making things worse. Not positive, though. Never really noticed a difference with the B2, so nixed it. No difference after nixing it.

Hope that helps…

Hi Kathy,

I have never taken zoloft- i had a bad response to lexapro and prozac, so i am kind of afraid of the other ssri’s. i am still on nortrip, will stay on it, am looking for a med to help visual issues and my terrible balance. hope zoloft works for you!!!

How is it best to take Riboflavin?

I understand it is water soluble so is it better to take it with food in order to prolong its presence and aid it’s absorption? Or should it be taken on an empty stomach?

Also … is it better to take all 400mg Riboflavin in one go or to spread it out over several doses throughout the day?

I was taking 400mg daily and it did not affect my dizziness but I did not get a headache for the whole time that I was on it, and my blood pressure was slightly lowered by it.

However it changed the composition of my poo to go from very normal solid to very grainy (sorry, I know, too much information) so I stopped it.

I started taking it last week, 2 & 375 mg/day.
I think it’s helping a little bit with the headaches.

After 3 years of constant dizzy attacks every 75-80 (exactly)days my son has skipped an attack
that was scheduled 3 weeks ago.
On the night of the 80th day he felt the symptoms but woke up in the morning
feeling well.
How this came about I can not be positive.
Lately we added 200 mg Magnesium citrate and 50 mg of CO Q-10 to the 400 mg of B2.
The magnesium was suggested to us by a neurologist and the Q10 I took from the recommendations of Johns Hopkins hospital.

My daughter gets attacks evry 65-7- days: headache and dizziness. This has been going on for 6 years. (she is 17)
She didn’t take these supplements because we were trying other medications since her attacks are harsher than my son’s.
all the medications failed: Toprimate and Lopresor.
The toprimate we stopped after she got blurred vision and the Lopresor seemed at first to help but she finally got an attack with a big headache.
It’s hard to try out these medications during the school year. The Lopresor caused her blood pressure to be lowered immensely and she felt very bad.
So we are trying once more a diet with no wheat, oranges, tomatoes, milk, etc’.

Some day we will find an answer,