Magnetic Therapy

Has anyone heard of magnetic therapy for migraine? I’ve never heard of this before but found something about it online. It might just be for the headache part of migraine but I thought that it was interesting and wondered if anyone has tried it. I think it said it is pseudoscientific so it’s prolly not effective with little research.

I went to a lady once who stuck magnets on my body, it didnt work! I have also laid there with an egg on my naval :shock: That didnt work either!


Believe it or not I think there is something in this as nutty as it sounds. I think I read some research on this … I doubt it will be any amazing cure but possibly killed headaches. I’ll try and dig it up if it was what I think it was.


yes there is something called transmagnetic stimulation or something like that, TMS. I believe it can help stopping migraines as well as epilepsy, but it’s still being tested on. Very promising though for those who get the normal (yet frequent) variant of migraine.

The difference being the strength of the magnet. The magnetic feilds used in TMS are more powerful and closer to your head than even an MRI. The little body magnets are far to weak to have any effect on the body(rembering here that the strength of a magnetic field is the inverse square of its distance, so a magnet gets very weak the further away it is). In addition they are permanent magnets, where as TSM uses fluctuating magnetic fields.

Basicly its big boy magnets or bust :smiley: There are some papers here, and I know there are tons others for varing conditions.

Thanks Scott…I was reading about it and it doesn’t sound as far fetched as some other things I have heard but idk.

Do you think it is just to treat the headache part of the migraine or do you think it could treat dizziness too? It seems like TMS would be dangerous if it is such a powerful magnet.

The lady I went to said I had a lot of electricity or something (suppose she has a point, I always get an electric shock on the car door when I close it.

Later on, I tried one of those magnet bracelets (thinking it would do nothing). I think it did do something, but I felt more dizzy at the end of the day. I tried it again a couple of days later, and the same thing. I have a high level of nickel in my body (do you think the heavy metals could play a part or am I way off here) Will leave this to you more scientific experts.


Hi All,

Here’s the article to read about this. Steve Novella is a hard core skeptic and science-based. If he thinks there’s something plausible here, there is:

[size=150]Treating Migraine with Magnetic Stimulation[/size]

Scott :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve heard about TMS too, it seems to have merit. I’ll change my name to Judy the day there’s scientific proof showing that having a refrigerator magnet-strength magnet in your palm helps any health issues whatsoever, though. :wink:

If this involved multiple treatments with powerful electromagnets, there might also be issues of bioelectromagnetic damage leading to elevated cancer susceptibility, such as is alleged to result from cell phone use and that does have some epidemiological support from studies of lineworkers, as I recall.

When I last wrote about it in my normal bread-and-butter column, the verdict seemed to be “suggestive, not proven.” More studies have been published in refereed journals fairly recently; I have not had a chance to review them so I can revisit the topic knowledgeably.

The concern does not make me stay away from important medical tests, or give up the electric heating pad that eases my sore tummy.

So magneto therapy could be effective against migraine,but not always.You should lean about it as much as you can.I found auite interesting article Only if use it properly and several times a week it can help you.
Regards Fry

It’s huge in Asia. In Taipei this summer I bought a necklace that has a pendent with a couple of magnets in it, and you can really feel your circulation change when you wear it. It was expensive and I bought it for fashion and as a curiosity since they said it would help with balance. Now I am afraid to wear it since I am already trying new medicines so I don’t want to add another variable. In Asia (Taiwan, China, etc) everyone is wearing these magnet bracelets and necklaces.