Major Relapse - Klonopin advice please

Hi all,
wow - it’s been a long time since I posted on here. Things have been trundling along at perhaps 80% or so, with Gabapentin 240mmg and Pizotifen 1.5mg.
And then one day, a couple of weeks ago - major relapse. Spinning feeling, lasted a few mins - couldn’t stabilise it, so our plans for the day were wrecked…made it to the sofa, where I crashed all day. Since then…urrrghhh - almost like being back at the beginning (Sep 2008 - cannot believe it’s coming up to my 6yr MAV anniversary). Loads of activity, felt sometimes at the sides of the head, sometimes (like now) an intense tingling sensation around the base of the skull, other-times, aching shoulders and neck. My balance has gone massively awry - and dizziness is making me feel nauseous in a way it hasn’t for years.

So, I’m thinking of hitting it with Klonopin/Clonazepam. Any suggestions as to dosages and times to take it. I know many people on here have good results with it, and I know about the issues with possible addiction and withdrawal…and right now, I don’t care. I have a holiday (flight) coming up next week…and info gratefully received!
Best to all,

Take 0.25 before bed or if your bad take 0.5

Try speaking to your doctor though

Thanks Robert. But does that mean the majority of the effect has worn off by the time you get your day going (although I guess it has a half-life long enough)? Do you take it every day?

The half-life is 30 to 40 hours

you can take it in the day it just makes a lot of people sleepy. :smiley:

yeah i have taken it a few times when i was really bad

Thanks again - and I’m guessing it works for you (i.e. decreased dizziness)?