Management of Vestibular Migraine

Hi All,

I thought this paper was posted back in September (it was on the server) but I can’t find the thread and Dave has made me aware of it again. Prof Halmagyi emailed it to him. So, just in case it never did see the light of day here, here’s a copy.


Thank you for posting this as I find it interesting and applicable to my case. I have rare, long lasting episodes of vertigo, and so it looks like it’s a possibility that I do not need prophylactic drugs. Just the diet, lifestyle, supplements etc, and when the episodes do hit me, symptomatic treatment is best. I may even refer my doctor to this or take it with me on my next appointment.

I just started Inderal (drug number 2) and will keep with it for now, just in case it helps the vertigo and depth/space perception.


I did NOT tolerate Inderol at ALL!! Oh gosh no. :mrgreen: Sick to my stomach, totally unbalanced. Yuck. So I’m back to my theory of natural prophilactic (diet, supplements) and during acute episodes, symptomatic treatment.

Having a hard time being strict on the diet but getting better at it. Really need to get all of the un-diet stuff out of the house as I feel I need to give it a fair shot. I dont want to end up like this ever again if I can help it.

Sorry to hear propranolol didn’t work.

I think the way to frame your approach is to call it putting a migraine lifestyle into action. “Natural” is a meaningless term because there’s nothing much natural about having to eliminate a whole pile of foods out of our diets. Supplements as I mentioned before can produce nasty side effects for some migraineurs. B2 made me feel nauseated out of my mind every time I had a dose for example. The packing agents used in supplements (excipients) or even the gelatine used in capsules can be strong migraine triggers for people too.

Good luck with your next approach. You should see an improvement in everything overall if you adhere to lifestyle changes.

Scott 8)


I was just diagnosed with Vestbular Migraine vertigo with acute attacks everyday along with frontal lobe pressure.
I found by accident that putting an ear plug in my right ear stops the vertigo immediately so no more meclizine or diazapham for me I am now vertigo free with the earplugs on no medications and will start using allergy drops for my envirnomental allergies and I am currently eliminating all foods that I am allergic too.