Just looking for some advice can a neck/shoulder massage cause migraine I had my first migraine in just over 3 years and the main thing I did different was I had a massage just on my shoulders neck by a friend that did hurt but I thought it was doing me good working the knots and then I woke in the night with a migraine I’m hoping it was that I’m just worried I suppose and looking for answers lol.
Thank you

Anything involving the neck/shoulders could most certainly trigger a migraine, as the muscles in that area are very much involved in migraine. I’m usually fine after a massage, but when I have my neck worked on deeply it usually triggers my symptoms. I always feel much better than before the work in a couple days, so I take the pain for later gain :smiley:


I was thrown out of whack for a whole week by a physical therapist doing deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders which are usually always like rocks. I definitely only have light massage done now. I also roll my back and shoulders myself. I use a racquet ball between my back and the wall and push lightly against the wall and roll up and down and side to side. But I have to be careful not to go too long or push too much or I get dizzy after. It helps a lot.

Looking back after being diagnosed with MAV, I was having chronic migraines for about 4 months (but didn’t know it) when I started physical therapy in May 2015 for tight neck and shoulders (didn’t realize the migraine was probably partially to blame for it), and then within the week of the first physical therapy, I started getting intermittent dizziness/imbalance attacks. By September, they became daily and here I am :(. One day, at the advise of a physio friend (still before the MAV diagnosis), I did “chin tucks” twice in the same day and within 20 minutes of both times I had horrifying room tilting to the side type of vertigo attacks.

So, don’t touch the neck…

I meant May 2014. Did I say I have brain fog? lol…