MAV and driving

anyone have problems with driving - whether they should drive, tell the DVLA or equivalent? I ask as i experienced what i class as a ‘mini spin’ episode whilst in the car today, on a major motorway, and it was really unnerving, and made me feel really vunerable - wondered if anyone has had to put driving on hold for a period of time while they try to get on top of the MAV ?? - just not sure what is best to do in this situation? dont want my car insurance to be invalid etc? NEver had a problem in the car until today but I commute to work 3 days a week for 1hr each way, take my kids everywhere etc. Have suffered on/off for 2 years with balance problems, but only 2 occurences in the car during this period.


I have been unable to drive since last August and it’s very frustrating. I experience dizziness and motion intolerance every time I ride in the car. I am not sure about your situation. Did you ask your doctor about this problem?

Good luck and I hope you find some answers.


Hi there,

Driving is my biggest frustration. I can barely drive. I will drive just to very close places because the longer I drive, the worse my dizziness gets. It’s as if I can’t even see. For me, this has been the most agonizing part of MAV and forced me to go on a medical from work for six months now. Meds are starting to help it but not enough.

Before I even knew I had MAV, I had a hard spin attack while on the freeway and it scared me to death. Thankfully I was already in the slow lane and was able to get off quickly. I considered myself very lucky that I didn’t crash. It was the scariest thing I ever experienced. And that seemed to get this MAV thing going because ever since than, I’ve had a really hard time driving. It’s almost like it set my brain off or something. That was almost two years ago.

Be safe. It’s very scary. Especially with kids in the car. I have a 4 year old and will not far with him in car.


When I was badly fucked up I didn’t try driving. Hell, I couldn’t walk half a block.

Now that it’s more or less under control, I sometimes think twice about driving on a day with bad dizzies and brian fog. Sorry, that wasn’t nice. I was trying to type, “brain fog.” Anyway, for me that tends to be a day with bad weather, especially one with sudden bad weather. The worrisome possibility is dealing with bad driving weather plus the driver not processing well.

As for the technical side, if I take my med and only drive when I’m competent to do so, my understanding is that I’m pretty clean legally because the condition that could impair my driving is functionally under control. If we have a lawyer lurking perhaps s/he could tell us something more definitive.