MAV and other stuff

I’m having a bad relapse of migraines and other symptoms following a virus I had a few weeks ago - I’ve had the most unimaginable pain in the right hand side of my face on and off for the past week.

Has anyone else suffered from the face pain? It is pure nerve pain - and has travelled around, to the tip of my chin and back to my ear and my cheekbone during the week - it is slowly fading but now I have a migraine headache. I’ve been off work for over two weeks and am feeling pretty depressed as I still don’t feel great. I’m having trouble finding purpose right now, and though I realise that is probably because I don’t feel well, I am feeling like I am losing myself a bit.

I’ve not had vertigo spin, just a little wobbly and clumsy - the usual I guess - but my eyes keep feeling like they are working separately for short bursts - if that makes sense, but I think that is a migraine symptom too (I just had an eye test and they are fine otherwise).

Sorry to post on a downer.

I have been diagnosed with atypical trigeminal neuralgia. I’ve had it since I had a mycoplasma-infection 8 years ago (back then I never felt dizzy). Thankfully it has gotten a lot better over the years, so at the moment it’s only a slight pain at the left side of my face. It’s the least of my worriest right now. The dizziness (I’ve had it for 3 years) and the headache (had it for 2 years) are what is troubling me the most now.

Sorry your feeling so low at the moment Mrs G, My mum recently had this facail pain, tingeminal pain around her jaw and face, ive heard that this can be caused by grinding our teath during sleep ect, it might pay to go see a dentist to ask for a mouth gaurd you can wear at night they are see through and from what ive heard they can help migraine as well. I’m planning on getting one to see if it helps with my migraine symptoms, they arent cheap but worth a try. they are the same use as the one’s used for tmj.
I’m trying to get my mum to have one fitted as when she gets the pain she cant move her jaw at all, she cant even eat solid for. someone i’ve talked to,is using one for her mav. her doc has mav as well and swears by them.
I feel kind of guilty now as I too was becoming depressed Mrs G its only natural to feel this way when your constantly ill.
My heart go’s out to you,
My mum lived on very strong pain killers for 3 weeks recently with that pain, she said all she could do was sleep.
thinking of you, jen .

Hi Jennyd, and Anette

I ended up taking myself to the dentist because the pain was so bad I was convinced it had to be tooth ache - but apparently not. The dentist says it was a virus attacking the nerves around the roots of my teeth - my GP thinks it is connected to the migraine - he told me not to go to work for 2 weeks so I had two weeks off to rest and live on a diet of pain killers, like your mum had to Jennyd.

Oh well! I guess many of us are used to not getting a clear diagnosis. The pain is much better now, but comes and goes. I may have been jaw clenching - but I’m just not sure. The positive effects of feverfew seem to be wearing off now, yes, bigger and better migraines are on the horizon! I’ve been back to my GP taking up the advice from the City of London Migraine Clinic. I am finally, out of desperation, going to give a low dose of Amitriptyline a go as the illness is making me depressed and it is difficult to control how I feel at times. Plus I’ve hardly been at work and although my boss has the patient of a saint with me, I think he is probably pretty fed up with me being off ill, and who can blame him. I’d love to stop working as working makes managing illness so difficult and just adds pressure. But needs must.

Thank you for your kind words.