Mav and panic attacks

Hey all, does anyone here get mav attacks and then have panic attacks because of the stress of mav? I am a 39 year old female and have been on zoloft for about 10 years. I tried weaning myself off a few times but always needed to go back on because I would spiral into a depression. I started off taking 50 mg, but am now on 100mg the past few years. I initially took it for anxiety but now if I don’t take it I get severly anxious and depressed.

So now I am struggling with the occasional vertigo/panic attacks and am still feeling anxious. I went to a new doctor and told her my issues and she ended up prescribing me amitriptyline 25 mg. Well I picked up the script and I read all the side affects and interactions and I’m just not comfortable taking it along with zoloft.

Does anyone have any advise or experience for these combo of meds and if there is a better combo of meds for the conditions that affect me?? any input is greatly appreciated.


Make sure your GP rules out serotonin syndrome. ( Zoloft is an SSRI and Amitriptyline can affect serotonin as well).

I know a person who does 100mg Zoloft + 30mg Nortriptyline and were given the OK by their doctor. So in your case you should be good to take the Amitriptyline which is the same family as Nortriptyline.

If the dizzy causes the depression then Amitriptyline will help you more than Zoloft.