Mav and playing the Wii

Hey everyone -

I thought this may be of some help to some of you. I go to physical therapy about once a week. I see a Physical Therapist in Morris, Illinois who specializes in Vestibular Disorders. She is the one who recommended that I see Dr. Hain. She thought I had MAV and was right. She had given me visual exercises to do and I didn’t seem to be improving a whole lot. She suggested buying the Wii fitness balance board. My eight year old daughter received a Wii game console for Christmas. I do not like video games because of motion sickness. But, I tried the balance games off of the Wii fitness and I think they might actually help. The game rates your balance. I am only 34 and it said I had the balance of a 43 year old. Every night this week I did the fitness game and as of today I am at the balance of a 38 year old. The particular games I chose off of the disc only require you to do weight shifting from side to side, yoga stances, I did a skiing one, I was not good at the tight rope walking. :lol:

Thanks to all of you, my mood has been a lot better this week. I feel like there is hope. I pray for all of you. I hope we all conquer this. Thank you guys so much!

  • Nance

I know some people at the mal de debarquement support group who uses it. I think it can help with balance, but id be suprised if it helped the actual “dizzies”. If you have motion sickness, maybe it can help with that(?).

I play videogames and use the computer a lot etc. My case is more of “stillness sickness” than motionsickness, meaning I often feel better watching the telly, riding bikes, cars, anything with passive motion really. I feel worse afterwards usually.

the worst time is often when Im lying down in my bed trying to sleep, that is when I feel the motion the most.

I often wonder if my vestibular system is “overactive”, thus creating motion when it doesnt have enough motion to deal with. I know children with autism can be overactive but once theyre in a moving car they become still, as if the motion provides their brain with something to do.

I feel normal when Im jogging but not when Im walking, go figure…