MAV and Pregancy

I need some advice…has anyone ever gotten pregnant while dealing with MAV?? There is a chance I might be and I am FREAKING out…my MAV is def not under control…I have had better days since starting my meds (Im on Nortriptyline at 40mg) a year ago but it still flares up and I have at least mild symptoms 24/7 but I had gotten to the point I was participating in life again and I was fairly active (yard work, two kids, babysitting for a friend, planning parties and doing some cakes professionally)…Im a week and a half late and the first test was negative and i will test again in a day or so but I am pretty dizzy today more than i had bee recently and I am hoping it is from a coming storm…Has anyone been pregnant while dealing with this?? If I am pregnant I will have to come off these meds and I am terrified I am going to feel sooooo much worse is there any hope I will stay feeling a little better?? I really am freaking out tho…

I recently had a baby and was pregnant with MAV. My MAV symptoms were extremely bad before pregnancy (I hadn’t found a med that worked prior to pregnancy), and throughout the pregnancy I was even worse with MAV symptoms. That being said, that was only my situation. My doctor said that 25% get better wtih migraines during preg, 25% get worse, and 50% stay the same. so, I fell into the unlucky 25%, and that does not mean others will
btw - I am now on nortriptyline. I started almost 6 wks ago, and I just increased to 30mg. my doc said that people don’t usually start seeing changes until 50-70. Just wondering were you feeling better below 40mg, or is 40mg the dose that began to help you? what were your sxs before? what improved?
lots of luck to you.

when i first got my mav it was bad i didnt leave the house was dizzy almost everyday and I ouldnt do much i never had a normal moment…that was three years ago…I have been on the migriane diet and that helped slightly and i have been on that for two years occassionally i cheat and in doing so found out that cheese and reese’s pieces kick my ass lol…then i started nortiptyline in the april of 2008 ad they went very very slow in increasing it i am oly up to 40mg… i now leave the house, drive again, throw parties and do yard work…I am still dizzy but maaybe only two or three times a month but i always have other symptoms…brain tingle here ad there, eye issues, imbalnace flushing of my skin but it is much more manageable than it was i also accepted the way i am and that was a key turning point for me…so needless to say this was NOT planned (i dont know for sure either tho) i am just afraid to go back to square one…i’ve no where near “healed” but im am a lot better than i was and i dont want to regress!! I need the hope that there is a good chance it wont be so bad you know?? Im not scared of having another baby i have two ad they are the best part of me but i am worried about my health!! I try so hard not to rock the mav boat!!

I can empathize with your anxiety about possible pregnancy. Also, thank you for answering my question. My doctor also wants me to go up very slowly. I am extremely ill now, and spend most time in bed. Just wondering did you notice any positive changes before 40mg, or just when you reached 40mg??
Perhaps, if you are not pregnant, you can increase the meds some more. you are still on a very low dose, and you can likely get to 100% if you get higher. just a thought. Wishing you all the best

after i started the diet it got a tiy bit better after the 10mg it got a tiny bit better they are very slow increases that you dont really see till one day you are like wow I think i am a little better than i was before so i cant really give you an estimate just gradually over time i was able to do more…like I have said i have been sick with this for more than three years now…it could just be time related…the key things are 1. Try not to stress or panic (that is a HUGE trigger for me) 2. Follow the Heal your headache diet (it sucks alll my favorite foods are on there) if you dont have the Heal Your Headache book buy it is really helpful 3. Accept the fact of your illness (this one was a hard oe for me) I stayed in bed and didnt do much for MONTHS i didnt leave the house much stopped driving and just basically waited to feel better…then a few years went by and I had to make the decision to LIVE again…I basically told myself look this sucks and it is unfair and yes i am very jealous of the people that are normal it must be so wonderful but this is my life my reality and there is a good chance i may NEVER be over this but am i going to roll over and die or just do the most i can and make the best of it (and i am a very glass half empty person so this was a big milestone for me) Once I accepted that this was my life I was able to be less angry and bitter and start to live again 4. This may not work for everyone and you may still need them but for me they were dragging me in too much STaying away from the message boards…there are a lot of supportive ad wonderful people on these boards and they make such a difference in the first months…it was a lifesaver to know i was not alone and i am not crazy but they became my reality I lived on the boards and I am prone to panic … if someone tells of a horrific symptom i live i fear that it will happen to me and my MAV became the only thing i thought and talked about and for me it wasnt healthy i had to leave the boards…it really gave me some of my life back to think of something OTHER than my dizziness…I am so grateful for the ones that are able to be the support everyone needs i just couldnt handle it it was too much for me…i come back from time to time when i have a question and need advice and i always get a email like once every two months from someone that read my story on one of my message boards and i give them some advice and share stories and I have a few dizzy people i met along the way on my facebook but the biggest thing that got me through the past three years that changed my whole outlook from despair and depression was ACCEPTANCE everyone told me that but i didnt think it would make much a differece but take it from me a self proclaimed stubborn bitter pessimist prone to “whoa whoa is me” moments it does make all the difference…I recently started driving again and going to places by myself and going to parties and back into shopping and its a lot easier ot saying i dont have my moments but its better than it was and this possible pregancy thing puts the fear back in me but life is what it is…hope this helps#

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Thank you for taking the time to write that. Those are very useful tips. I appreciate it. But, sadly, for me, I am extremely ill from MAV. My disequilibrium and other symptoms are so very severe that it is impossible to live a normal life no matter how positive my attitude. I’m hoping the medicine will begin working and at least decrease the symptoms somewhat so I can begin living again. I am so happy to hear that you are living a more normal life now. Again, I appreciate your advice.