MAV and Pregnancy

Hello everyone,

So I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant today. I also have MAV and prior to becoming pregnant I have been experiencing a rough patch after years of being symptom free. I started getting symptoms of MAV again in August. Anyways, have any of you been pregnant before and had MAV? I am so scared that I am going to feel even worse plus have all the pregnancy symptoms on top of it. I already can’t walk around much for long it makes me feel unsteady and dizzy already :frowning: also if any of you have any tips with coping that would be greatly appreciated!

Congrats, NAUGirl! That’s really exciting news. Unfortunately I don’t really have any advice aside from trying to avoid fluorescent lights (I’ve sometimes thought being a stay at home mom would be nice!) I’m starting up topamax again while I’m on a low dose of gabapentin to help ease my experience while topamax isn’t working that well yet btw. I just feel like topamax is the only solution but obviously you can’t take that while pregnant, but maybe afterwards? Take care, Liv