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MAV and pregnancy

I was wondering if anyone improved while pregnant. I have struggled with MAV for two years now… Vertigo, nausea, dizziness, tingling in face, floor feels like it is bouncing constantly, feel like I am going to fall, light sensitivity, head and neck pain, positional vertigo, whoozi-headed feeling, full ears, inflamed feeling in ears,… I have these symptoms 24/7… The only change is the severity. I am going to be 34 in sept and my husband and I are thinking about trying to get pregnant. I am very afraid because my symptoms are not under control but I am afraid that if I wait, I will be to old. I have one daughter who wants siblings so badly and I always saw another child in our future. I am afraid either way I go… Not getting pregnant (feel regretful… I love being a mom… I am a stay at home mom) but have also had such bad symptoms and really want my life back. I am afraid that if I got pregnant in wouldn’t be able to handle it or taking care of the baby. But deep down inside do want a baby. Could someone please tell me there experience while pregnant or if any of you have any tips for handling it i would be so appreciative!!! Many Thanks-asteffens98