MAV and Relationships

Hey everyone,

I have recently started dating this guy and he doesn’t know anything about my MAV/Anxiety/dizziness condition. I have it pretty well controlled with Celexa and I am able to do about anything which is great. I am just worried about telling him I have this. And I think I am even more worried about telling him I am on an antidepressant. There seems to be a bad stigma about antidepressants. I’m just wondering when the right time to tell him would be? I have been dating him for about a month and a half and I don’t want to scare him away with the whole thing. My family are the only people that know I have this too. I haven’t ever told my friends or coworkers and my family knows about it but never mentions it and doesn’t like to bring it up. So I was just wondering what your thoughts were.



Hi Briana,

I wouldn’t worry about it. Half the world is on an anti-depressant. :lol: He probably is too.

Just tell him you’ve got migraine, a condition that affects millions of people, and that you are taking a migraine medicine for it. Sometimes when you get hit, you are literally flattened sometimes. You don’t have to tell him what class of drug you’re on unless he specifically asks out of interest.

It is what it is. If he can’t handle it he’s not worth your time. Most people have something going on in their lives on the health front.


I’m happy to hear you have your migraine under control and feel well! I agree with Scott. You can tell him you have migraines and take medication for it. Sometimes it bothers you and it can be tough. Thats all he needs to know, unless he asks for more and you feel comfortable telling him. I bet with time if this ends up being a serious relationship you will feel just fine telling him and he will be just fine with it!
Don’t worry!


My friends and family all have various medical issues. I am lucky that they are all very supportive, though it took most of them to get used to what I go through (there was a lot of “oh yeah, you have that thing” being said for the longest time). I had to go on medical at work for 5 mos, so they all know about it and my boss is very aware of both my migraines and vertigo.

That being said…People who can’t (or won’t) understand what you are going through are not worth your time. I admit that I am somewhat hesitant (and anxious) for the day when I finally get a date and will see how well my condition is tolerated if it acts up. But, anyone that is worth something will not only be tolerant of what you go through, they should try to help you get through it. And since yours is pretty much under control, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I suggest talking to him about it over time - so long as you have no issues, don’t make it an issue.

Good luck!