MAV & Benign Positional Like Symptoms

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone here… every now and then if your migraine like symptoms are acting up or super stressed out…can bring on Benign Positional Vertigo like symptoms? I don’t get Vertigo much anymore because of medication, watching my diet and careful with stress…but ever since watching a 3d movie a couple of weeks ago…i’m still having some slight vertigo like feelings when lying in bed or getting out of bed and even turning my body from left to ride side. This is nothing new to me…especially when the migraine condition acts up but my symptoms mimic Benign Positional Vertigo. Years back i was tested for BPPV but the doc said i didnot hav it. Does anyone here have BPPV like symptoms with there MAV?

Any thoughts on this??


I’ve been tested by at least 5 different people for bppv (because it’s so easy and quick to test for and they all insist…) and it’s all been negative and yeah I sometimes get a little more dizzy in certain positions laying down. Not as much lately but for a while position definitely made a difference.

Yes. I have to sleep on my back with pillows round my neck. If my head falls to the left or right I can wake with vertigo. I cannot go to sleep on my right side because if I do and then I turn onto my back I often get full blown vertigo, I dont even attempt to sleep on my left side. I can then get this same full blown vertigo the day before after a migraine attack, without the sleep connection, so yes, I think there is a connection.


Thanks Bkk and Christine for your input.

I use to have to sleep with 2 pillows prompt…but not anymore. But if i become overstressed…very worried and lots of anxiety …vertigo can return. Also…just looking under the bed for something can sometimes put me out of wack for a few hours…with motion.

I had a deviated septum (from an injury to the nose) years ago…and i sometimes wonder if this has played some minor role in all of this Migraine condition? The injury was corrected a long time ago…but since the correction my nose is very sensitive now and i wake up at night with one of my nostrils (depending on if i slept on my right or left side) all clogged up real tight. Sometimes i wake up from sleep and it’s hard to catch my breath. Not sure if it’s sleep apnea (which i’m going to be tested for)…or is it something else?

Thanks for your share,


Joe, I too have been tested multiple times for BPPV. The one doc could have sworn I had BPPV by the description of my sypmtoms, and was amazed when I came back negative. I can’t look up or lay on my back on a hard surface most days just to start the list.

Hey Brian,

Even since i went to a 3d movie… that has brought on some vertigo like symptoms. I was really doing well in the Vertigo Category but here lately …not so good especially when getting out of bed or getting into bed. Can’t believe a 3d movie like Alice in Wonderland could set me back…i could see where Avatar 3d could mess someone up but not the later. The vertigo is becoming less but still having a little difficulty.

I’ve been tested more than once for BPPV and doctors say No …you don’t have this. All i can is Mav has some bppv like symptoms…well atleast for me it does. Looking up or looking down bothers me …moving my head from right to left …especially if i’m talking to two people at a time… can bother me. What a pain!


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Looking up or looking down bothers me …moving my head from right to left …especially if i’m talking to two people at a time… can bother me. What a pain!

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Me too Joe. I call it tennis conversation! And I can’t do it. Well I can, but I end up dizzy. Nor can I ever finish off a bottle of water because I can’t tilt my head back enough to enable the last inch or so to run out!


Hey Brenda,

Anything with too much Stimula is trouble for me. I have always been Motion-Intolerant (i have never outgrown motion sickness). When i say motion sickness i’m referring too driving in Curvey, Narrow Mountains or riding a carnival ride that goes in circles…or even on a fishing boat. None of these agree with me.

Since MAV…if i’m driving as a passenger with someone…and they CONSTANTLY BRAKE alot…that can mess me up for a few days too. :frowning: