MAV/Cervical Vertigo


Two years ago or so I developed symptoms which have been puzzling doctors - waking up violently from sleep feeling nausea and pins and needles everywhere which have developed through time to Cervical Vertigo and we believe now - MAV.

I do not get any eye jumping but have Tinnitus and Aura - I also get what I can only describe as like im looking through an old video camera with lines apparent in my vision.

I have had MRI scans of my head and CT scans of my neck looking for blocked arteries which have come back negative.

I get Cervical triggered Vertigo by slightly moving my neck forward at work looking down at my keyboard and have been recently been getting pains in my head while having one of these waking episodes which worsened over the last three weeks to the point where I was having them every night and getting no sleep . . a Hospital Doctor prescribed me with Propranolol and these episodes have ceased. I feel much better with just the odd twinge of vertigo - I am still getting the visual and Tinnitus issues though. I am due to go for Specialist testing for BPPV and other forms of Vertigo with my new private Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant.

What I did notice and is my question to you - is there any link to lifting heavy objects and Vertigo - I went Ten Pin Bowling and the next day I had a bad Vertigo attack - and lifted something heavy three weeks ago before the start of my daily night attacks…

When I explained to my neurologist that I get dizzy and nauseous chopping vegetables, kneeling on the floor, stirring a pot of soup or putting the shopping away she said it was the nerves becoming overstimulated from my brain to my shoulders. Reading your question it occurred to me that this may be the same trigger as lifting and bending, as in bowling. It seems possibly the repetitive action that is the trigger as my neurologist said repetitive actions overstimulated the nerves.

I have not had a scan of my back - but did have two bad whiplash crashes many years ago now. It seems like the whole of my vestibular system is peridocally malfunctioning so nerve impulses could be overloading my system.

I do find that lifting heavy objects and repetitive bending as in using the vacuum cleaner and bending to move /get under furniture is not good for my head! The ever present tinnitus increases in volume, as well as the ‘fullness’ of ear etc. I can totally understand that it it related to nerve pressure in the neck & shoulder area. Never had tests or anything to back this up - just experience.