MAV doctors in Los Angeles?

Hi everyone,

I suffer from vertigo and dizziness and I’m looking for a respectable MAV doctor in Los Angeles. I’ve read about UCLA and their neuro otolists and wonder if I should give them a call.

Does anyone have personal experience with LA doctors and who might be the best to see?


No personal experience, but UCLA is where you want to go. I see several of their doctors’ names in a lot of research publications.

Here are some links:

Otology/Neurotology - UCLA Head and Neck Surgery

Balance Program

Robert Baloh, MD

Dr.Baloh is a MAV guru. Highly recommend.

Were you able to see him for MAV? If so, what was your experience? Any advice on seeing a doctor for the condition?

My advice is, if you are able, go straight to the top (a UCLA neuro-otologist). You’ll read LOTS of stories here about people who have gone to 3, 6, 9 different doctors. The general consensus is that primary care docs and ENTs usually have limited knowledge of dizzy disorders.

I have read literature by Dr.Baloh. the below book is co-authored by him
Dr.Hain another MAV expert references papers by Baloh frequently. I have not met Dr.Baloh.
I agree with @Manatee, go with the best:

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