MAV experts in Ireland

Hello Scott and all on the board. I would like to thank you all for all of the effort that goes into this board and all of the useful information that is provided.

My Question: Does anyone know of a recommendable MAV specialist in Ireland.

My dizzy History.
I am a 42 year male form Ireland with no sperious medical condtions. Immediately following a kidney stone operation in November 2009 I began to suffer dizziness symptoms. I initially thought that it was a side effect of the pain medication but it became apparent that that was not the case. I went through all of the processes of visiting my GP, and then some specialists but to no avail. I had previous experience of the incompetence and disinterest of the medical profession abd very soon gave up on their ability to come to any definitive conclusions. At the time I was under a lot of work stress and some extended family stress aswell. In about March of 2010 the symptoms completely cleared up and as a lot of the stress in my life had been resolved I believed it was stress related.
Then in October 2010 the dizziness symptoms began to recur which was devistating. I have had it ever since to varying degrees and up until a few weeks ago when I first came across this board was unable to relate it to any medical cause. Having read a lot of the messages, I am pretty sure that MAV is a very likely cause of my dizziness. I have commenced the process of trying to find my triggers associated with the migraine and had what I thought was good success in the first week by scratching coffee and chocolate but alas it returned after a night out with some friends. So I can be pretty sure that alcohol is also a trigger.
I am open to any advice on the subject but must admit that even knowing what causing the dizziness os, has brought significant mental relief.
Many Thanks

Hi Vincent,

Welcome to mvertigo. I am not aware of any specialists in Ireland. The nearest I know would be in London.

It sounds like you might have a good chance in eliminating the symptoms through lifestyle mods alone considering it all stopped not long ago. Remove the common triggers first and live a migraine lifestyle (as per the Survival Guide) and see if that is enough to bring you back to solid ground.

Good luck and let us know if you locate a good specialist (there must be one in Dublin).

Best … Scott 8)

Thanks Scott for your quick response, I am often in London so I would not have a problem seeking help there if you have any names. If you like you can email them directly to the email on my account.