MAV/Flying Advice

I am flying for a work trip this week and have not flown in over ten years. I had extreme motion sickness the last time I flew and have since been diagnosed with MAV (which explains my motion intolerance). I am currently in a bad spell with daily dizziness and nervous about the trip, although it’s a short 3 hour flight. I
I am nervous about the flight itself and even more nervous about increased symptoms post flight. I take Topamax daily but also have Clonipin for when dizzied get bad, which I thought might help for the flight. Are there any helpful tips for coping on the plane and preventing increased symptoms after? Thank you!

Hope I’m not too late to respond.

I contact the airline before the flight and advise them I have a disability - ie chronic vertigo. Usually they give me a seat up front and allow me to board either first or last (so I don’t need to cope with people moving around). At the other end they often have a little golf cart to pick me up at the gate. During the flight I take a face washer and get some ice from the steward to put on the back of my neck and I either shut my eyes or have a sleep mask to wear (I get photosensitivity). I rarely get off without feeling a little wobbly, but it does make a difference being prepared.

Good luck with your flight.

I have MAV with vertigo that is generally well controlled but occasionally I have found that turbulence will put me into vertigo. I have .5 mg Ativan for acute episodes of vertigo. I tend to take that before flights to avoid any issues.

I find that Nasonex or Allegra help for occasional relief. I definitely use one or the other on flights. Somehow they relieve the pressure or fullness in my ear and help the other sensitivities in my head. I limit their use to every 3 days or more. I also keep a pretty strict diet. Of course, it is always important to drink a lot of water before a flight and not overdo your triggers the day before. Good luck with traveling.