MAV in wrong part of cycle

I am sure l just posted this yesterday and now l don,t know where it has gone.

Normally l get MAV symptoms from around day 1-8 of my cycle. But this time it came on day 14 of cycle, it was only 2 days, but l am normally MAV free at this time.

Now l am really worried that it may not be hormonal at all. Feel like l am going mad to try and figure out what the hell is going on.

Sue :frowning:

Hormones can be a big trigger, but so can stress, anxiety, sleep, neck, lights etcโ€ฆ

Mine never really had a pattern. The last couple months I do see now that hormones make it worse. I maybe better during other
parts of the month but its always there. Im not sure there is one person on here that can say it only comes once a month. Or maybe there
is, but the majority has 24/7 dizziness unless a med is helping.

I would try and figure out what triggered it maybe. I dont have any advice for this as I have not followed any diet or anything.

You did post this twice. Both are under active topics.


Luckily for me itโ€™s not 24 hours of dizziness, and compared to many l have to quiet mild. Usually l don,t get dizzine
As every single month, l can have anywhere from 4-9 months with nothing but small bouts of it here and there, but when l do get it is normally on a pattern of my cycle.

I guess nobody really knows if and how the hormones influence he prevalence of this condition and to what degree as each one of us are very different. Itโ€™s probably best just to look at our mothers as a guide to what we can expect. Even though my other had some floatiness not to the extreme as mine.

Sue :smiley:

Sounds like ovulation time.

My MAV symptoms are 24/7 dizziness and vertigo now. It doesnโ€™t ever seem to be affected by the time of the month. What did happen to me though is I used to have symptoms in episodes that lasted all day then would go away, then when I stopped taking the birth control pill my symptoms started to be 24/7.

Yes, ovulation-time (that is, if youโ€™re not on birthcontrolpills :wink: )
I keep scores, and most of my attacks are on start and end of my period and on ovulationtime. Just when hormones fluctuate the most.

And I donโ€™t know your age, but when I hit menopause 2 years ago (at 45), mav kicked in.