MAV/MdDS or something else?


10 weeks ago I practiced EFT- tapping in the temples- the following day I woke up with tremendous pain in both temples. At end of the week I felt unsteady on my feet. Since them I have felt

  1. an inner swaying sensation; sometimes feels like my brain isn’t communicating correctly with my legs or if I’m hoovering or tidying up I feel like the I’m swirling ( but not the room)
  2. brain fog;
  3. a pain/ tender feeling in my left hand temple, left eye and above my left eye.
  4. I feel better in the car, but woozy when I get out.
    5 I also have a sensation of gravitational pull, especially when using a computer.
  5. Generally feeling lousy
  6. Depression & anxiety

I have no ear pain or discharge.

My symptoms aren’t always present, I’ve been taking mitrazipine at night to help me sleep, and I’m torn between MdDS and MAV as I understand there is often a cross over of symptoms. Doctors in England are useless.

Any opinions please?

 According to my oto-neurologist,  "the tiny blood vessels in the inner ear are innervated by branches of the same nerve that innervates the intracranial blood vessels severely affected in migraine attacks".  So, individuals  who suspect Meniere's may really have "Silent" migraine.  They do not get severe headaches but get a host of other neurological symptoms like vertigo, hot flashes, sinus issues, foggy thinking, sore eye muscles, neck soreness, etc.  Eventually this problem can cause ear damage. It may not be Meniere's since that is very rare.  I feel that if I had received this thinking earlier in my history, my hearing loss in  my right ear may have been less.  I will never know but since being on the whole program (for 3 years) it has not gotten any worse.  If you want to read about the program for "Silent" migraine (or Migraine Associated Vertigo), you can read about the Johns Hopkins plan at my blog - there is too much to add here  (
 I found that the treatment plan is more important than the diagnosis to solve the problems and finding the right doctor is the key.  And you must commit to the whole process if you want to be in control.   Hope this is helpful.

By the way, I found GP’s and local ENT’s not very helpful. It needs to be a neurologist, or an ENT associated with a dizziness and balance or headache clinic at a university. I would suggest you read "Healing Your Headache 1-2-3 by Buchholz (Johns-Hoplins) because he talks about the confusion of Meniere’s and MIgraine Without Headache and BPPV, etc. Also, the MVERTIGO 2014 survival guide would be helpful. Good luck.
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Also, ENT’s do not usually prescribe the type of medication needed for vertigo while the patient is getting triggers under control. I found that they are only looking for Meniere’s because that is what they can treat. The famous House Clinic in Los Angeles only offered me a shunt surgery (into the Mastoid bone behind my ear) as a solution. It has a 60% recovery rate and may need to be repeated every year and a half. You can read about my journey trying to find the correct diagnosis and how I finally am in control at my blog if you want more information. (