MAV/Migraine specialists in Melbourne (Australia)?

Hi All,

I’m thinking about getting a second opinion from another neuro (live in regional VIC, options v limited). The local one here is a nice enough guy - but effectively pushed me back the my GP to do the “medication merry-go-round” after giving me a script for topomax (lasted 3 days on that one prob due to too high starting dose!) with a Dx of vestibular migraine. My GP probably has less in depth knowledge of MAV than I do :lol: which is absolutely not her fault, but I really would like to talk through medication options with a specialist rather than with the GP.

I’ve tried googling but didn’t get too far…

I could travel to Sydney if necessary, but that would entail a trip on a plane so I’d prefer melbourne which is driveable.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Gabrielle,

This is who you want to see in Melbourne:

Dr John Waterston,
Oto-neurology Department
Alfred Hospital
Commercial Rd,
Tel: 9076 3389

Best … Scott

Thanks for that Scott - my GPs happy to refer me to Melb for another opinion so I think I’ll head down that road


just in case anyone in melbourne need help for neurologists who specialise in vertigo

DR J WATERSTON ALFRED & CABRINI MALVERN PH03576 0019 private need referal

Dr Mark Paine St vincents- Melb Uni vestibular Investigation Unit (can google for no) private need referal
sees usually in 2 weeks so pretty quick

Monash ADULT neurology Dr Kempster (will bulk bill if on pension) need referal
Hope that helps & good luck