MAV new diagnosis

this is my first time on a forum and I would like to share my story with you.
I started experiencing dizziness, unbalanced feelings approx 1 year ago along with a fuzzy head, slow thinking, strange head sensations, eyes out of focus, nausea, headaches. I was initially diagnosed with vestibular neuritis and started vestibular rehab exercises which I think helped a little. I had 7 months off sick from work and have just returned part time but im still struggling! I decided to go to a neuro-otologist who diagnosed MAV. I have followed an elimination diet which I think has helped a little but the dizziness did get worse during the time of the month. I have also just started nortryptyline 10mg which I have been taking for one week. I have felt quite groggy every morning since taking them and have had a headache every day. Just wondered if anyone else is on this medication and how long you were taking it before you experienced any improvement?