MAV or an Anxiety disorder?

My main symptom is the Dizziness. I get it everyday, worse in the morning and better at night! ANY and I mean ANY type of Exercise including walking, elliptical, or even house chores makes me dizzier for the rest of the day! I have always suffered from a panic disorder, but it was only a problem when i was in a place I couldn’t get out of, i.e… a plane, I don’t know how all of these doctors I have seen cannot agree on what I have. Some say it migraine equivalent ( but I have NO history of headaches or migraine in myself or familY). SOME SAY it is just anxiety.If so then why does the exercise or rushing around make me sooooo dizzy? ( oh also driving used to make me really dizzy)? I have tried sooooo many ssri’s but the only thing that helps a little is Xanax. Can anyone out there relate ?

Hi Joliview,

Please see these two articles. Anxiety is a common “side dish” to the sort of migraine symptoms we deal with. Many of us here deal with episodes of anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety appears as part of the upcoming attack.

Note that people with migraine are much more likely to suffer with depression and/or panic disorders. Normal stuff in the context of migraine unfortunately.

Best … Scott 8)

wow you sound almost exactly like me and i still don’t know which one i have or both. I think it could be both. I believe menopause is causing my anxiety also. this year seems to be worse than any before for anxiety. which SSRiS did you take? they didn’t help? i thought they would whether you had anxiety or MaV?

I have to try my celexa next week when i’m going to stay home for a couple of days. Couldn’t take it this weekend because of the holidays and running around.

i can’t exercise any more without getting dizzy either but it usually lets up after a little while. do you have good days once in a while.

Yesterday was such a good day for me and it was a holiday - i didn’t even take valium - i felt almost normal i didn’t want it to stop. today not so good - got dizzy in stores today.

i don’t get it.

hope you feel better. your symptoms sound like mine big time. i’m still not sure of celexa but am trying to stay postive about it changing things for the better!

Scott dont you think that the exercise intolerance make it MAV? I have never heard anyone have that symptom who just has anxiety, have you?

Yes, I do think it can definitely make it MAV. I also have exercise intolerance (but didn’t before MAV hit) and I deal with blasts of anxiety that come and go. Sometimes the anxiety feels like an aura and other times it will hang around for 2-3 days as part of an attack and then it just vanishes again like nothing happened. Yours must be migraine. As you know there are migraineurs who never get headaches.

I think you were probably predisposed to panic disorder previously perhaps because of your (migraine?) genetic makeup and once MAV really took off so too did your anxiety.

Did the SSRIs stop the anxiety?

Just thought I’d add my experience of this, for what it’s worth. I have panic disorder and MAV but they never occur together. I was MAV free for about 13 years during which time I had awful panic attacks, eventually helped by CBT. The MAV kicked in again about a year after the panic attacks stopped. Now to the exercise bit. Exercise doesn’t make me dizzy as a rule. In fact the elliptical often helps. Treadmill is a no no as it does something to my visual- balance perception, as does anything involving spinning round, like dance. But cardio itself and weights do not make me dizzy per se.

However, I definitely used to find exercise triggered a panic attack when I was suffering from panic disorder, and aften had to stop. I sometimes had panic attacks in the shower after the gym. If u google exercise and panic you’ll see they are often associated.

So I guess I’m sort of saying the opposite to the rest of this thread.

I think the fact I have both MAV and PD but not together is interesting, like there’s an underlying common denominator but they’re not laterally linked. Dizziness was never a feature of my panic attacks.

Aren’t we strange! :wink:

Dizzy Izzy x

Hmmmm… My dizziness startes 1-2 hours after I workout and last all day. I dont know if that makes it MAV or ANxiety??? I am taking 2.5 mg of Prozac and at first(2 weeks) it all but cleared up all of my dizziness. I thought I was cured!! But now the motion sensitivity is back and I just upped my dose to 5 mg to see if it will help! Very Depressing thought!

wow the prozac helped temporarily i hope that’s a good sign :slight_smile: i have celexa to try but need days off from work to try it maybe this next friday i will.

I used to feel better after exercising always until this year and now i’m dizzy afterwards i wonder if that means that i just developed MaV with menopause or just gotten worse. If i exercise at home its not so bad and it goes down after a bit and then i feel good for a little bit but when i was still going to the gym when i left there i could hardly drive and i think it was anxiety but i don’t know now either.

this is all just so puzzling to me any more.